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FCC club lunch with Christina CHAN and Mirana M. SZETO

Date: 4 Feb 2010 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Christina CHAN
Student Activist

Mirana M. SZETO
Spokesperson of the Stop Express Rail Link Alliance

Topic: Why is the post-80’s generation angry?

The “post-80’s” generation has been making headlines recently for their various protests around town. But what is the post-80’s generation? Is it really an accurate label to describe those who came out to protest? Is the post-80s generation as a whole that different than others? Come and hear their hopes and aspirations.

Christina CHAN is a graduate philosophy student at The University of Hong Kong. She first caught attention staging various protests around the time of the Olympics at 2008. Since then, she has organised scores of other protests, concerning local as well as mainland issues. CHAN was arrested earlier this month over alleged assaults on police officers at an anti-express railway rally in November and the New Years rally. She denied the charges and has been released on bail.

Mirana M. SZETO is the Spokesperson of the Stop Express Rail Link Alliance. Besides being active in local issues, Ms. SZETO is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong.

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