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FCC club lunch with Franklin LAM

Date: 14 Nov 2011 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Speaker: Franklin LAM
Founder, HKGolden 50
Former Managing Director, UBS

Topic: Hong Kong- The Golden 5 Years (2010 – 2014) and the decline that may follow…

In the next 5 years, Hong Kong will enjoy some of the strongest business opportunities and inflows of talent in our history, Mr. Franklin LAM contends. If Hong Kong people think through the issues calmly and sensibly, we can capture these and enhance the long-term growth and quality of our economy, thereby supporting jobs and fostering social harmony for the next generation. If we choose to do nothing and allow these opportunities to disappear, we may well regret the decline that may follow the Golden 5 Years.

Our younger generation, in particular, should be more proactive in changing to a pro-growth mindset in the Golden 5 Years, as what they choose will likely define their next 50 years. In this talk, Mr. Lam will share his views on how to pave the way for a second economic growth spurt in Hong Kong.

Mr. Franklin LAM joined UBS in 1997 as Head of Regional Property at UBS Securities Asia. He was rated the top Hong Kong researcher and property researcher by fund managers worldwide in surveys. He also served as a member of the Hong Kong Government’s Central Policy Unit during the period of the Asian financial crisis. Mr. LAM left UBS in April 2011 and established HKGolden50 in June 2011. HKGolden50 is an independent non-profit policy research platform aimed at unblocking some of Hong Kong’s economic and social constraints.

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