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FCC club lunch with John Terence HUNG

Date: 20 Oct 2011 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Speaker: John Terence HUNG

Topic: Reflections of a high flyer from Stanley Prison

When Mr. HUNG was writing his book “Master of None” from inside Stanley Prison, apart from the experience of imprisonment, he also recounted the many events and people that have affected his life. The most dramatic changes in Hong Kong took place from 1970 to the present, which coincided with the period of his active career. As a fourth-generation resident, he poses questions about whether we may have lost sight of who we are. Mr. Hung was sentenced to prison in 2009 for accepting an advantage to support a Hong Kong Jockey Club membership application.

John Terence HUNG SBS JP is a fourth generation Hong Kong resident of Scottish and Chinese ancestry and a well-known figure in the corporate and sporting world. His career led him though a myriad of different business sectors, and active involvement in leading sporting and charitable bodies. He retired from the Wharf Group in 2002 as Group Managing Director, but continues to live in Hong Kong and now engages in advisory and consultancy work in many different industries.

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