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FCC club lunch with Laurence J. BRAHM

Date: 25 May 2009 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Speaker: Laurence J. BRAHM
Political Economist / Global Activist
Topic: The Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club: a manifesto for a peaceful revolution

The world as we know it has changed and a new economic order that prioritizes environmental protection, human rights, ethnic and cultural diversity as well as compassionate capitalism is now needed.

Laurence BRAHM will share his insights into the extraordinary changes taking place among developing nations and how they are likely to affect the future of the global economy, which is captured in his new book. He will argue that, no longer prepared to wait for handouts from the West, the world’s emerging markets are leveraging their strengths and finding a new voice in the world. Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have all adopted micro-financing as an alternative model for grassroots economic development. China has its own hybrid approach of combining market and planned policy to achieve economic transformation. He will further argue that all these developments represent a rejection of the already increasingly discredited IMF and World Bank policies.

Mr. BRAHM bases his arguments on personal experience and chronicles the key highlights from his years as advisor to the central banks of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, guiding them on financial reforms in their transition from socialism and advisor to Mongolia on enterprise restructuring.

Author of more than 20 books on the Asian region, Mr. BRAHM is a lawyer and economist by profession. He is also a columnist and commentator for South China Morning Post and for ReviewAsia magazine.

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