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FCC club lunch with Madhav NALAPAT

Date: 13 Sep 2010 01:00 PM — 02:00 PM | Venue:

Speaker: Professor Madhav NALAPAT
UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University, India
Topic: Threat of Islamic Fundamentalism to Asia

Asia, home to the major world religions, has become the endemic focus of Wahabbist-Khomeinist extremism, often confused with Islamic fundamentalism. Today, clusters of the W-K strain have spread beyond Asia to Europe and North America, where the W-K culture of Holocaust Denial and Human Exclusivism is gaining ground. The eventual intent of those promoting the W-K faith strain is to segregate its followers from other populations, and to use all available means to ensure its spread within the general population, including by acts of terror.

How and why has the W-K strain developed in Asia? Will this faith overturn Asia’s growth story?

Professor Madhav NALAPAT is the UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University, India’s largest private university. He outlined a plan for an “Asian NATO”, that would be intended to protect democracies in the region. He also originated the concept of the “Proxy Nuclear State”, artificially created so as to contain regional rivals. He is Senior Associate, the National Institute of Advanced Studies; Associate, the United Services Institution; Advisor, Technology Academy; Member of the Advisory Board, India-China-America Institute, besides other positions.

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