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FCC club lunch with Tom ORLIK

Speaker: Tom ORLIK
Heard on the Street columnist at the Wall Street Journal

Topic: Lies, Damned Lies, and China’s Economic Statistics

China’s economy is a major focus of attention for business and investors. However, there is enormous uncertainty about whether the official data can be trusted. What are the most important data points to watch? Can the official numbers be trusted? What is the data saying right now about the outlook for China’s growth? Mr. Orlik will share his views on the above , in addition to the key highlights in his new book, ‘Understanding China’s Economic Indicators’, which provides the first comprehensive hands-on guide to working with China’s statistics:

Tom ORLIK is a China correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in Beijing, where he writes the ‘Heard on the Street’ column. Prior to joining the Journal, he worked for Stone & McCarthy Research Associates, briefing investors on China’s macro-economic data, as a policy analyst at the British Treasury, and as an advisor to the UK Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund.

Speaker: Tom ORLIK,Heard on the Street columnist at the Wall Street Journal

Human Rights Press Awards


The Human Rights Press Awards are run by the FCC, Amnesty International Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The 24th annual awards were announced on May 6, 2020. See the winners here.