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Dining PromotionIndian Buffet Dinner

Indian Buffet Dinner

Date: 12 Oct 2016 06:30 PM — 09:30 PM | Venue:

Soup & Appetizers Main Courses
Fish Masala
Vegetables Soup Pork Curry
Lamb Pickled Samosa Chicken Walnut Korma
Prawn & Tomato Salad Lamb & Green Pepper Do Piaza
Chicken Patties Duck Vindaloo
Beetroot & Fish Salad Tandoori Chicken
Vegetarian Momo Dumpling Tandoori Vegetable
Onion Aloo Raita Saag Paneer
Corn & Fruit Chat Eggplant Masala
Aubergine Pakora Vegetables Biryani
Yellow Dal in Mustard Seed Curry
Carving Station Desserts
Herbs & Spices Marinated Tandoori Chef’s Selections of the Day
Roast Lamb Gigot Fresh Fruit Platter
– Lacto-ovo Vegetarian – Vegan
*If you have any food allergies or intolerances please inform us
Lassi and Beers
Mango Lassi 14oz $28/glass
Strawberry Lassi 14oz $25/glass
Banana Lassi 14oz $25/glass
Salted Lassi 14oz $25/glass
Sweet Lassi 14oz $25/glass
Kingfisher Lager 330ml $28/bottle
Brooklyn East IPA 330ml $43/bottle
Deuchars IPA 500ml $92/bottle
Menu items are subject to change without prior notice
Please reserve with the FCC Bert’s at (tel) 2844 2840
(fax) 2868 4092 or (email) [email protected].
Bookings can be made until 8:00pm.


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