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Lobster & Foie Gras Special

Pan-seared Nuggets of Foie Gras with Caramelized
Granny Smith Apples, Glazed Cep Mushrooms
and a slice of Duck Liver Mousse
Lobster Bisque over-baked with Puff Pastry
A 500gm Live Boston Lobster cooked as you like it:
(1) Thermidor
(2) Mornay
(3) Char-grilled
served with your choice of vegetables du jour
or side salad with French fries; or
(4) Steamed with supreme soya
(5) Wok-fried with ginger & scallions
served with steamed rice and vegetables du jour
FCC Soufflé (choice of flavour):
Chocolate, Vanilla, Grand Marnier & Ginger
Coffee or Gourmet Tea
Petit Fours
Includes complimentary glass of
Zardetto Prosecco Treviso Extra Dry DOC N.V.
Set Menu for 1 person: $560
Set Menu for 2 persons: $1060
Please reserve with the FCC restaurant at (tel) 2523 7734
(fax) 2868 4092 or (email) gro.k1506170701hccf@1506170701tnaru1506170701atser1506170701
While stocks last, menu items are subject to change without further notice
This menu is not available for private functions
Prevent waste: take your leftovers home ($5 packaging fee)
Photos for reference only