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Dining PromotionOktoberfest Food Promotion

Oktoberfest Food Promotion

Date: 11 Oct 2016 — 22 Oct 2016 | Venue:

Platter of Air-cured Meats 德國雜錦凍肉拼盤 $99
Black Forest ham, kosher pastrami, and leberwurst served with gherkins and pickled onions
Platter of Smoked & Cured Fish 德國燻魚拼盤 $109
Trout, eel, mackerel and rollmops herring with Waldorf salad
Kohlrabi Soup with Bacon and Sausages 德國芥蘭頭湯配煙肉及香腸 $48
Pork Schnitzel with Southern-style Potato Salad and Bavarian Pretzels $130
Bayrische Semmelknödeln 巴伐利亞式煙肉麵包球 $142
Poached Bavarian bacon & bread dumplings served with mushroom cream
Charred Bratwurst, Debrecener Sausage and Nürnberger Sausage
with Southern-style Potato Salad with German Seed Mustard
Rindfleisch Eintopf 傳統酒醋燴牛肉伴德式麵根及紅椰菜 $259
Beef stew with vinegar and wine, served with spätzle and red cabbage
Butterflied whole Trout poached in Riesling and Thyme
with Boiled Potatoes, Beans, Carrots and Leeks
Eisbein (Corned Pork Knuckle)
Poached with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes 烚豬膝伴酸椰菜烚馬鈴薯 $142
Cooked crispy and served with southern-style potato salad
Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Pumpkin & Potato Casserole
with Deep-fried Aubergine Slices and Pumpernickel Croutons
German Quark Cheese Cake 德國乳酪芝士蛋糕 $48
Traditional Black Forest Cake 特色黑森林蛋糕 $49
Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream 暖蘋果卷伴雪糕 $62
Lacto-ovo Vegetarian 蛋奶素菜 Vegan 齋菜 Contains Alcohol 含酒精菜式
*If you have any food allergies or intolerance please inform us
While stocks last. Menu items are subject to change without prior notice.
This menu is not available for private functions.
Prevent waste: take your leftovers home ($5 packaging fee).
Please reserve with the FCC restaurant at (tel) 2523 7734
(fax) 2868 4092 or (email) [email protected]


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