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Oyster, Caviar & Champagne Promotion

Oyster, Caviar & Champagne
Oyster, Caviar & Champagne
November 2-3, 9-10, 2017
Available from 6:00pm – 10:45pm
Freshly Shucked Oysters3 pcs6 pcs
Fine de Claire No. 2France$132$255 (Limited Offer)
Gillardeau No. 2France$155$300 (Limited Offer)
Irish Rock No.2Ireland$130$255 (Limited Offer)
Imperial No. 1Holland$130$255 (Limited Offer)
French Farmed Caviar 15gm$480 (Limited Offer)
with condiments, blinis and mother-of-pearl spoon
Champagne SelectionGlassBottleTakeaway
Philippe Prie – Brut Tradition$88$395$355
Champagne NV$88$395$355
Thiénot Brut$88$395$355
Drappier Carte d’Or$88$395$355
Cristian Senez ‘Carte Blanche’$88$395$355
Please reserve with the FCC restaurant at (tel) 2523 7734
(fax) 2868 4092 or (email)
While stocks last.
Menu items are subject to change without prior notice
This menu is not available for private functions