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The Queer of Hong Kong

Date: 1 Jan 2016 — 1 Jan 2016 | Venue:



QUEERS OF HONG KONG是由香港同志影展總監及香港同志雜誌「點心」創辦人 Joe Lam 籌劃及操刀的一個居港同性跨性社群人士(包括女同志、男同志、雙性戀人士、變性人和酷兒)照片展。酷兒是同性跨性社群人士的一個總稱,而Joe正想透過影展反映酷兒於香港社會的多樣性。他表示,所展示的每張照片背後,都有一個非常個人的故事。






QUEERS OF HONG KONG is a series of photos of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) people who are living in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (HKLGFF) director and Dim Sum Magazine founder, Joe Lam.  Queer is an umbrella term for LGBTQ people and Lam wanted to show the diversity of the Queer community in Hong Kong. Attached to each photo is a very a personal story.



Lam believes that Asians have similar cultural backgrounds and the photo will connect well together. He is hoping through the photos, their stories will touch everyone. Queer people are no different from anyone else. We have different faces, body shape, job, issues, etc. just like everyone else and people should accept for who we are.

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