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The Wave

Date: 1 Mar 2012 — 31 Mar 2012 | Venue:

An 8.9- magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Japan on 11th of March 2011. A massive hit the coastline and swept away entire towns and sections of cities. The devastation along the northeastern coast has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousand homeless.


All I can think of is the power of the wave, the father looking for his lost son, the jokes around the fires that keep us warm, the aftershocks that rock us to sleep or awaken us, the blank stares of some of the younger men and women here, the elderly huddled together but defiant, the hot water kept in plastic bottles to keep us warm at night, the collective grieving and the individual sadness.


The Wave documents the local populations within this landscape of devastation and was shot on assignment for TIME magazine.

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