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Keep up to date with all the latest news and reports from the FCC’s club lunches, press launches and media events.

FCC Continues Anti-Virus Restrictions

FCC Continues Anti-Virus Restrictions        Dear Members: The Hong Kong government is again tightening its anti-virus restrictions; a few changes affect the FCC. The club will comply with the measures as follows:                 • All restaurants will close at 11:59 p.m. every day. Last orders for food will be 10:50 p.m. while last orders for drinks will be 11:30 p.m. • The takeaway menu is available …

Mark Thompson Zoom
RTHK One of Many Public Broadcasters Globally Under Pressure: Ex-BBC Head Mark Thompson

With RTHK coming under increasing criticism from the government in recent months, former BBC Director-General and New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson spoke about the challenges facing public broadcasters in Hong Kong and around the world in a Zoom interview with The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Hong Kong on Tuesday.

Mara Hvistendahl
Investigative Reporter Mara Hvistendahl on Industrial Espionage and U.S.-China Relations

Appearing in a Zoom interview to discuss her second book, author Mara Hvistendahl described a reporting process that took her from China to the Midwestern United States and back as she followed an intriguing legal case that reflected the rise of tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

Experts: Competition and Cooperation Will Define Biden’s Approach to China

President Trump’s ratcheting-up of tensions with China will have lasting effects and won’t be easy to reverse by the incoming Biden administration, according to two Washington-based experts who discussed Sino-U.S. relations in a Zoom event hosted by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Hong Kong.

Jake van der Kamp
Veteran Financial Columnist Jake van der Kamp Talks Markets and Investing

A former analyst himself, van der Kamp spoke about the main argument of his book, which is that investment advisers and brokers are useful for executing the how and where of trading, but the what and when is best left to individual investors.