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FCC Security Statement

With the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the club may, on occasion, see fit to lock its front doors for security reasons.

Journalists Visiting Hong Kong Welcome at FCC

Dear Correspondent or Journalist member, The continuing protests in Hong Kong are causing media organizations to send additional journalists based overseas to cover the story. If you have friends or colleagues in this situation, please let them know that they are welcome to use the FCC facilities during their time in Hong Kong as a place to work from, or for some simple R&R with fellow journalists. The FCC allows journalists temporarily working in Hong …

HKJA statement on violence and threats of violence against journalists reporting events in Hong Kong

This statement was released by the Hong Kong Journalists Association on September 30, 2019. The Hong Kong Journalists Association deplores the use and threat of violence towards journalists covering events in Hong Kong. HKJA notes with grave concern, reports by Radio Television Hong Kong ( RTHK) of serious injury to a journalist covering protests in Hong Kong on Sunday 29 September 2019. Reports have stated that the journalist, working for an Indonesian-language publication based in …

FCC Statement Condemning Further Violence Against Journalists Covering the Hong Kong Protests

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Hong Kong expresses its deep concern over multiple reports of police violence on Sept. 28 and Sept. 29 against journalists covering the Hong Kong protests. They include a report of a serious injury to an Indonesian journalist working for a Hong Kong-based publication who was shot in the face by a police officer using a non-lethal round. Footage from the incident shows she was clearly identified as a journalist and …

Rabbi Abraham Cooper spoke at the FCC about the rising instances of hate crime. Photo: Sarah Graham/FCC
‘Social media platforms need to do more to stamp out hate crime’

Hate crime is on the rise globally, facilitated by social media which presents an opportunity for people to say things online they don’t have the guts to say face-to-face, says a member of a leading Jewish human rights organisation.

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