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Keep up to date with all the latest news and reports from the FCC’s club lunches, press launches and media events.

L-R: Anthony Wallace, Damon Pang, Jennifer Creery, Eric Cheung ,Chris Yeung, Jodi Schneider.
Inside the Hong Kong protests, as told by the reporters and photographers on the ground

The challenges facing journalists and photographers covering the Hong Kong protests were discussed by members of the media who have been on the ground since the demonstrations began in June.

Ernest Bower, founder and CEO of BowerGroupAsia Inc.
How the U.S.-China trade war is impacting Asia

The effect of the U.S-China trade war on South East Asia was the topic of discussion at a breakfast briefing featuring a leading economic expert.

All you need to know about the legal risks of covering the Hong Kong protests

Valuable advice on how to cover the Hong Kong protests was given to journalists by a leading legal expert at the FCC.

HKJA statement on August 5 general strike call

The Hong Kong Journalists Association has issued the following statement regarding the call for a general strike in Hong Kong on Monday, August 5.

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