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Keep up to date with all the latest news and reports from the FCC’s club lunches, press launches and media events.

Fareed Zakaria
Fareed Zakaria on U.S.-China Relations and the Post-Pandemic World

FCC President Keith Richburg speaks to Fareed Zakaria via Zoom. The relationship between the United States and China is set to define the global order for decades to come, and both countries will emerge strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways, said journalist and author Fareed Zakaria in a Zoom webinar hosted by the FCC. “You’re going to be thinking about America’s relationship to China and China’s relationship to America, and everything will be …

FCC Restrictions Continue To Remain In Place

FCC Restrictions Continue To Remain In Place        Dear Members: The Hong Kong government is extending its anti-virus restrictions through April 28. As a result, all the recent club measures will remain unchanged as follows:                 • Four people will be allowed at tables in all outlets and the number of guests per member is now extended to three. • All restaurants will close at 10 …

The FCC Condemns the Attack on the Epoch Times’ Printing Presses

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong strongly condemns the attack on the Epoch Times’ printing presses and calls for the perpetrators to be brought swiftly to justice.

Marianna Spring
BBC Disinformation Reporter Marianna Spring on the Real-World Consequences of Online Conspiracy Theories

Misinformation and conspiracy theories may be considered problems that primarily affect social media and online discourse, but as BBC specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring explained in a Zoom talk hosted by the FCC, the negative consequences of viral falsehoods spill over into real life all too often.

Ambassador Christopher Robert Hill
U.S. Needs to ‘Find Patterns of Cooperation With China’: Ambassador Christopher Robert Hill

The United States needs to be proactive in finding ways to communicate and collaborate more closely with China rather than pursuing a policy of decoupling, said Ambassador Christopher Robert Hill, a former career diplomat, in a talk hosted by the FCC.