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2021 Human Rights Press Awards Ceremony Cancelled – Winners to be Announced May 6 | 二零二一年人權新聞獎頒獎禮取消 得獎名單將於5月6日公佈

2021 Human Rights Press Awards Ceremony Cancelled,
Winners to be Announced May 6
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April 1, 2021Due to continuing uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the Hong Kong government’s advice to limit large gatherings, the organisers of Human Rights Press Awards have decided to cancel the 2021 awards ceremony.

The winners will be announced online on May 6. Voting for the People’s Choice Photography Award will also go ahead online, starting today. Those images will be displayed, as in past years, on the Wall at the FCC.

The Human Rights Press Awards, in their 25th year, are organised by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Hong Kong, Amnesty International Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. The awards are the most prestigious recognition of human rights reporting in Asia.

This year saw a record 549 entries in both English and Chinese languages, up 12.5% from last year. We have received an excellent variety of powerful writing – work that highlights crucial issues facing individuals and communities in what has been an extraordinary year for world news.

It should also be noted that for the first time in the awards’ history, we received a request from the director of broadcasting at RTHK, Hong Kong’s public broadcaster, that RTHK’s entries be withdrawn “in totality” from consideration for the awards, citing a review of its corporate governance including the nomination procedure for the awards. However, because the judging process for the awards is already underway, and because entries can only be withdrawn by the individual who submitted them, we denied the request and have not withdrawn any RTHK entries.

Showcasing these works has become more important than ever as governments around the region step up threats to basic freedoms of the press, speech and expression.

For further information of the awards, please visit:

二零二一年人權新聞獎頒獎禮取消 得獎名單將於5 月6 日公佈
2021 年4 月1 日因應新型冠狀病毒疫情仍存在不確定性,以及香港政府限制人群聚集的活動,人權新聞獎籌委會宣佈,2021 年人權新聞獎頒獎禮將會取消。

得獎名單將於5 月6 日在網上公佈;「一人一票最佳新聞圖片獎」則於今日開放予公眾投票,相關新聞圖片作品將於香港外國記者會展出。


今屆我們共收到549 份中、英文作品,較去年上升12.5%,刷新了歷年紀錄。參賽作品題材廣泛,報道世界各地發生的重大新聞事件,記錄這不平凡的一年。

另外,我們收到香港電台廣播處長通知,指香港電台正進行營運檢討,包括提名節目參與遴選新聞獎項的機制,要求撤回已報名競逐人權新聞獎獎項的所有參賽作品。這是人權新聞獎創辦以來首次收到相關要求。但由於人權新聞獎的評選程序已經展開 ,加上僅接受報名者本人的退賽申請,故此我們拒絕有關要求,未有撤回任何香港電台的參賽作品。



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