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FCC Board of Governors Election 2022

To All Members,
The ballot has been sent to your correspondence address on 13 April 2022.
Please find the bio & policy statements from nominees for the election of the Board of Governors 2022-2023 at
Mr Dan Strumpf has informed the club that he wishes to withdraw his candidacy for the post of correspondent governor in the election to the 2022/23 Board of Governors. As the ballots for the election had already been printed at the time this notification was received and as reprinting would not allow the ballots to be distributed to members within the schedule required by the Articles of Association, Mr Strumpf’s name remains on the ballot for correspondent governor.
For your information, the ballot will close at 3pm on Thursday, 19 May 2022.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Best regards,
Election Committee
30 April 2022


Important notice from the President

Dear Members,
I write to inform you that the FCC Board met on Saturday, 23 April, and, after a lengthy discussion, regretfully decided to suspend the Human Rights Press Awards pending further review.
I know this is an unusual step to take so late in the process, just weeks before we were set to announce the winners. It is likely to be deeply disappointing to all those who took time to enter, and to the judges and everyone else who invested their time and energy into this project.
Over the last two years, journalists in Hong Kong have been operating under new “red lines” on what is and is not permissible, but there remain significant areas of uncertainty and we do not wish unintentionally to violate the law. This is the context in which we decided to suspend the Awards.
This decision in no way reflects the FCC Board’s view of the content of any of the entries or the work of the independent judges.
The FCC intends to continue promoting press freedom in Hong Kong, while recognising that recent developments might also require changes to our approach.
This was a very tough decision to reach. We explored a variety of other options, but could not find a feasible way forward. It is particularly painful coming less than two weeks before May 3, World Press Freedom Day, when we normally announce the HRPA winners and celebrate their journalism.
We would like to thank and apologise to all the entrants, the judges, the staff members and others who gave their time.
Keith Richburg
25 April 2022

FCC resumes evening dine-in service on April 21 and fully implements “Vaccine Pass”

FCC resumes evening dine-in service on April 21 and fully implements “Vaccine Pass”
Dear Members:
In line with the government’s easing of pandemic restrictions starting April 21, FCC policies will be updated as follows:
All restaurants will be open for dine-in service until 10 p.m. every day. Last orders for food will be at 9 p.m., while last orders for drinks will be at 9:30 p.m.
Maximum 4 persons are allowed per table, each member can bring 3 guests.
The takeaway menu is available from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. The menu can be downloaded from our website at Please place orders with the FCC Restaurant at 2844 2806 or [email protected]. All orders will be confirmed by a phone call.
Private functions and meetings for a maximum of 20 persons can be arranged. Please contact our team at [email protected] to discuss.
No music performances at Bert’s will be held at this time.
The health club will reopen, although the sauna and steam room will remain closed. No more than 4 people are allowed in the health club at a time and masks are required while exercising. Please pre-register with the gym attendant at 2844 2849.
All persons must wear a face mask at all times within Club premises, except when eating or drinking at the table.
Staff will complete a COVID-19 rapid test every 3 days.
Please also be aware that the Club is now fully implementing the government’s “Vaccine Pass,” meaning that anyone 12 or older must scan a QR code that shows either their vaccination record or a medical exemption certificate. Anyone who is unable to provide valid proof of vaccination will be denied entry to the Club, according to the government’s regulation. You can visit here to learn how to obtain a QR code version of a medical exemption certificate. See below for more details on the number of doses the pass requires.
Except for the three types of specified persons, all Members and their guests must scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code before entering the Club, including to use the workroom.
Please be aware that mask wearing is a government requirement except when eating and drinking, and anyone not wearing a mask faces a $5,000 fine. In case of an inspection and a fine being issued, the Club is not responsible.
Our Members’ health, along with that of our team, remains our most important priority. We thank all Members for their understanding and your continued support. Please stay safe, everyone.
Keith Richburg
14 April 2022


Nominees for the Election of The Board of Governors 2022-2023

Here are the nominations for the FCC Board of Governors 2022-2023. Below are links to each nominee’s bio and policy statement. Please read them before voting.

  a. Please indicate your vote by putting a “✓” in the appropriate bracket. Any mark other than a “✓” shall invalidate this Ballot paper.  
  b. If vote(s) casted exceed(s) the number allowed in respective capacity, this Ballot paper shall be invalid.  
  c. Bio & policy statements of the candidates are available at the FCC website <>.  
  d. The completed Ballot paper must be received by the Club, either by mail or in the Ballot box, not later than 3pm on Thursday, 19 May 2022.  


(The position of President can be voted by Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than one)
  1. Keith RICHBURG – Journalism and Media Studies Centre The University of Hong Kong 

(The position of First Vice President can be voted by
Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than one)

  2. Hannamiina TANNINEN – Kauppalehti, Hong Kong Correspondent

(The position of Second Vice President can be voted by
Correspondent, Journalist or Associate members)
(Vote for not more than one)

  3. Tim HUXLEY – Mandarin Shipping

(The position of Correspondent Governor can be voted by
Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than eight)

  4. Rebecca BAILEY – AFP
  5. Jennifer JETT – Asia Digital Editor, NBC News
  6. Kari Soo LINDBERG – Bloomberg News
  8. Shai OSTER – The Information
  9. Olivia PARKER – The New York Times
  10. Peter PARKS – AFP
  11. Dan STRUMPF – The Wall Street Journal

(The position of Journalist Governor can be voted by
Correspondent or Journalist members)
(Vote for not more than two)

  12. Zela CHIN – TVB
  13. Joe PAN – ImpactNFT Alliance and News  

(The position of Associate Governor can be voted by
Correspondent, Journalist or Associate members)
(Vote for not more than four)

  14. Genavieve ALEXANDER – Genavieve Co. Ltd
  15. LIU Kin-ming – KM & Associates
  16. Christopher SLAUGHTER – Consultant
  17. Richard WINTER – China Tonghai International Financial Limited  

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