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Applications for FCC Board of Governors

Applications for FCC Board of Governors


To all members


The closing date for nominations to the FCC’s Board of Governors is Wednesday April 1 at 6pm. In spite of the disruption caused by the coronavirus, we intend to keep to that schedule.


You have all been mailed details of the positions, who may vote for each, and a nomination form.


However we understand that not all members who wish to stand want, or are able, to visit the club to hand in the form before then – or to meet people to get the signatures.


For those who wish to stand and who cannot make it to the club before the deadline, please email the following four pieces of information to [email protected] by noon on Wednesday 1 April and the club will ensure that two members sign your nomination form.


As the nominee, you do not need to actually sign the form yourself.

We do encourage members to run for the board and we are actively seeking nominations.






Membership number


Position you are running for



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