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Charity Starts At Home

As a Club, the FCCHK has an indomitably larger than life, warm, gregarious, enthusiastic spirit. And this same spirit we want to bring to the activities we undertake to raise support for local charities.

Aim of the Charity Committee

The FCC’s Charity Committee’s aim is to engage the membership of the Club in activities aimed at supporting local charitable organisations that meet local needs. Activities include raising the profile of the selected charities, fund raising and member involvement in the work of the charity.

What Charities does the Club support?

For 14 years the FCC supported the Po Leung Kuk, one of the oldest and most active charitable institutions in Hong Kong, raising more than HK$100 million through the FCC Charity Ball. The money raised went towards supporting a wide range of programmes for underprivileged children, including the tertiary scholarship programme, which supported 190 young adults from low-income families to pursue higher education. Also funded were three language-training schools, an education services centre and a child development programme.

From 2017 onward the FCC will support a broader range of charities in the areas of Early learning, Education special needs – at any age, and the Elderly.

The charities supported will be identified as making a difference to the lives of those in our community who fall between the cracks; those who, without the support of generous people, would be marginalized and not have the care they need at critical times in their lives.

Which Charity will the Club support in 2017?

In 2017 the Club will raise funds to support The China Coast Community. Visit the site here.

The Charity Committee

For more information on the Charity Committee and if you would like to be involved in fund raising or organizing events please contact Co-convenors Elaine Pickering or Tim Huxley at [email protected]

The China Coast Community
The China Coast Community

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