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Meet Joanne Chung, FCC Membership and Admin Manager

Having worked at the FCC for roughly 13 years, Joanne Chung keeps the club’s engines running as the Membership and Administration Manager, as well as the Board Executive Secretary.

How did you land your role at the FCC?
Joanne Chung: I studied hospitality then trained in hotels in several positions, from front-of-house staff to restaurant operations. I’ve always liked to interact with customers – the 9-to-5 office life never interested me.

I came across the FCC while job-searching: the club was hiring a customer representative in their membership department. I applied and got the job. That was back in 2007 – time flies!  

What did you enjoy most about working at the FCC?
JC: A customer representative takes care of all front-of-the-house services as well as member enquiries. I loved that job, particularly because I got to meet a lot of international people for the first time and build relationships with members day in, day out.

I’ve always loved how warm and welcoming the FCC is. From the members to the rest of the staff, everyone is friendly, caring and engaged. It’s a great work environment with so much support from my team. 

How have your responsibilities evolved?
JC: I gradually stepped up to handle more admin work and membership requests, as well as government liaison when it comes to things like licensing reviews or lease renewals.

I’ve also gotten involved with committee meetings; for instance, I sit on the Communications Committee and recently started helping with the website relaunch. We’re continually developing new projects – I am grateful for that, because no two days are the same.

How has the club changed over time?
JC: Of course, we have modernised the kitchens, updated the gym and renovated the bar, but the fantastic atmosphere hasn’t changed. In terms of membership, the club has increased efforts to diversify. We’ve been encouraging younger journalists and women to join and cover prominent committee positions. 

You often deal with ad hoc member requests. How do you navigate that?
JC: We perform different roles, depending on the day. Sometimes I am an administrator, a manager, coordinator, host, first-aider, tourism ambassador, cashier, salesperson, or mediator – I find it very enjoyable to interact with our members. It is like one big family – sometimes I feel like the mum when handling member and staff enquiries. 

And what about complaints?
JC: I try to listen, be empathetic, and understand the varying points of view. I completed a course in mediation at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University a while back, which has been useful for my work at the FCC. The class helped me deal with different situations and review each objectively. 

How do you like to spend your time off?
JC: Well, I have an 18-month-old son, so I love to spend time with him. I also like to do yoga, catch a movie and go hiking. Dragon’s Back is a favourite, but I also love more remote hikes like Thousand Islands Lake near Tuen Mun and Por Lo Shan, aka Pineapple Mountain, in the western New Territories. And Ha Pak Nai in Yuen Long is perfect for sunset! 


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