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News The Correspondent Members Movements: April 2022

Members Movements: April 2022

We bid adieu to some, and welcome aboard to a whole bunch of others.

New Members


  • Chen Hangyu, Video Producer, TIME
  • Kim Soo-jin, Associate Audience Engagement Editor, TIME
  • Natalie Koh, Managing Editor of Asian Investor, Haymarket
  • Filipe Pacheco, Reporter, Bloomberg


  • Ho Man-kit, Programme Host and Producer, Metro Broadcast Corporation


  • Richard M. Arndt, Vice President, Toll Global Forwarding
  • Francesca Biroli, Legal Assistant, de Bedin & Lee
  • Cheung Kwong-kei, Director of Communications, International Federation Against Copyright Theft (Greater China)
  • Angela Cheung Wong Wan-yiu, Vice President, UNESCO Hong Kong Association
  • Karen Choi Hiu-yan, ​​Barrister-at-Law, Anthony Rogers Chambers
  • Chow Wai-ling, Retired
  • Peter Crewe, Managing Director, Ziffa Group
  • Damen Holmes, Solicitor, Lee Law Firm
  • Samantha Hon Wai-man, Managing Director, UBS
  • Jacky Lam, Assistant Secretary, HAB
  • Christopher Lawrence, Founder & Lead Counsellor, Perspection
  • Wolfgang Peck, Global and APAC Head of Operational and Resilience Risk for Insurance, HSBC
  • Winnie Pun, Managing Director, Blackrock Asset Management North Asia
  • Dominic Alexander Rigby, Finance Director, MVision
  • Dinesh Arjan Sadhwani, Lecturer (Center for Language Education), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Joost Schokkenbroek, Museum Director, Hong Kong Maritime Museum
  • Vivian Sheng Yin-nam, Retired
  • Colin Symmonds, CEO & Physiotherapist, Joint Dynamics
  • Mariana Tong Sui-luk, Retired
  • Kenneth Tsang, Engineer, Pyrofoe Engineers
  • Devika Virmani, Founder & Managing Partner, Adira
  • Kimberly Fayet Whiley, Owner, Tamco Holdings
  • Amy Wong, Co-Founder & CEO, 212 Studio
  • Wong Hiu-yan, Head of Account Servicing, Partner, Stepworks
  • Kelvin Yeung, Fixed Income Director, Rays Capital Partners
  • Yip Wing-hang, Founding Chairman, International Chamber of Sustainable Development
  • Susan Sandra Caroline Yung, Managing Director, Macey & Sons


  • Rachel Brunette-Chen, Diplomat, Consulate General of the United States of America
  • Edward Green, Army Liaison Officer, Consulate General of the United States of America
  • Cody W. Swyer, Diplomat, Consulate General of the United States of America

Membership Replacements


  • Cheung Wing-cheung, Chief Communication Officer, Airport Authority
  • Marko Jelicic, Senior Manager, Communications & Advocacy, BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters
  • Angela Kung Mei-yan, Senior Director, Hill and Knowlton Asia


  • Girouard Benoit, Consul, Consulate General of Canada
  • Kenichi Okada , Consul-General (Ambassador), Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong
  • Stefanie Seedig, Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany



  • Jamil Edmond Anderlini, Asia Editor, Financial Times
  • Jeremy Andre, Correspondent, Le Point
  • Dominique Boulet, Commentator, Asian Tour Media
  • Emma Clark, Editor, APF
  • James Hossack, Editor, AFP
  • Sian Powell, Journalist, The Australian
  • Parameshwaran Ravindranathan, Freelance
  • Bernhard Zand, Correspondent, Der Spiegel


  • Chadwick Bray, Business Reporter, SCMP


  • Laura Acres, Managing Director, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Simon Blade, Managing Director, Baker Tilly Purser Blade Asia
  • Peter Brown, Captain, Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Daniel Browne , Executive Director, Conduit Securities
  • Peter Caplowe, Managing Director, Trendford
  • David Cave, President & Owner, Dragon-I Toys
  • Nicolas Chan Chi-shing, Executive Director, Trusted Financial Advisory Services
  • Maxwell Chen Pang-yen, Senior Director, Standard Chartered Private Bank
  • Christopher Chu, Fund Manager, UBS Asset Management
  • Allyn Reza Cockrell, Director, Pacific Tiger Group
  • Tariq Dennison, Investment Specialist, Retirement Plans, GFM Group
  • Polly Hui Fung-yi, Trainee Solicitor, Howse Williams Bowers
  • Justin Li Chun-hin
  • Rodney Lloyd, Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Niall MacDonald, Partner, Options Group
  • Brian McCullough, Managing Director, Palmyra Point
  • Gavin McDougall, Director, Public Affairs, Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong
  • Marta Obando, Retired
  • Andrew Perrett, CEO, Elkington
  • Andrew Powner, Partner, Haldanes Solicitors
  • David Roberts, Chairman & CEO, DPR Consultants Ltd
  • James Sweeney, Chief Operating Officer, Tor Investment Management
  • Michael Tomordy, Managing Director , Engage Asia
  • Maria Valiente, Managing Director, Evercore Asia
  • Paul Westover , Partner, Stephenson Harwood
  • Monique Wong Man-heng, Senior Business Development Manager, JA Asia Pacific



  • Vincent Amalvy, Asia Pacific Photo Director, AFP
  • Michael Allen, Editor, Cirium
  • Suhas Bhat, Copywriter, Hill + Knowlton Strategies
  • Caroline Carter, Deputy Asia News Editor, The Economist
  • Sarah Clarke, Correspondent , Al Jazeera
  • Phred Dvorak, Senior Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
  • Nicholas Killham, Managing Editor, Bloomberg
  • Bennett Marcus, Freelance
  • Daniel Symmonds, Field Engineer, CNN
  • Lisa Yuriko Thomas, Editorial, TicToc by Bloomberg
  • Wong Sue-lin, Correspondent, The Economist


  • Jyotee Bonomally, Self-employed
  • Michael Chan Wai-kwong, Self-employed
  • Sherman Chan Kar-nang, Consultant, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
  • Roger Gillan, Principal, Concilium Advisory
  • Andrew Robin Alexander Haskins, Executive Director, Research & Advisory Service, Colliers International
  • Phyllis May Hui Chee-man, Trainee Solicitor, PC Woo & Co
  • David Kwan Wing-tai, Self-employed
  • Lawrence Leung, Director, South Sea Pearl Consortium
  • Natasha Marks, Architect, Aedas Architects
  • John Miller, Self-Employed
  • Kevin Rosich, Director, Operation, Bestford
  • Alexander Yiu Yau-tak, Group Finance Manager, Wo Kee Hong Group



  • Stuart Heaver, Freelance Journalist and Writer, Stuart Heaver Media


  • Peter Barrett, Retired
  • David Fung Pui-fun, Retired
  • Daniel Michael Leo Inman, Managing Director, Vermilion
  • Michel Jospe, Managing Director, Methong Plastics (H.K.)
  • Philip Krichilsky, Director, Innovative Directions
  • Jessica Law Pik-lin, Retired
  • Yvonne Tsang Yee-wan, Designated Migration Officer, Consulate General of Canada, Hong Kong

Category Changes

Correspondent to Associate

  • Daniel Michael Leo Inman, Managing Director, Vermilion
  • Adam Martin, Senior Communications Manager, Herbert Smith Freehills

Honorary to Honorary Widow

  • Gillian Johnston, Retired


We regret to announce the deaths of:

  • Vincent Connor
  • Christopher Hunter


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