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On The Wall: Hong Kong Protests – Past and Present

Current photographs, Birdy Chu; others from FCC archive and courtesy of SCMP

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”

Tear gas, rubber bullets and sponge rounds became a regular sight in Hong Kong from June. The extradition bill aroused hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people to march every weekend, creating an influential movement.

Just five years after the Umbrella Movement, this time around the scale is much larger and has been escalating week by week. The city has become a hotspot of international news.

As the weeks went by, my backpack became heavier. I now need a yellow vest, full face mask and helmet, plus an action camera when I go out filming. It is a war zone, and that’s no joke! I was hit by the water cannon mixed with pepper spray. My body felt as if it was burning and my eyes were red and injured. It is a horrible experience that no one will forget.   

Hong Kong has always been a safe and beautiful city.

Hong Kong people are always smart and strong.

Birdy Chu

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