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Special Chinese New Year Dishes to Welcome the Year of the Ox

This February, we are excited to ring in the Year of the Ox with nearly two weeks of special Chinese dishes for dine-in and takeaway. 

Poon Choi: Stew of Prosperity

Poon Choi

Thought to have emerged in the Song Dynasty, poon choi is a traditional one-pot dish that’s synonymous with Chinese celebrations, from weddings to festivals to Lunar New Year. Usually eaten layer by layer, poon choi features 10-15 ingredients – think roast duck, prawns, pork, chicken, abalone, Chinese radish, bean curd, dried shrimp – and is designed to be shared. Come try the FCC’s delicious version for a comforting, celebratory meal this Chinese New Year! Available from 8 to 26 February for dine-in and takeaway. 

Chinese New Year Set Menu

Chinese New Year Set Menu

Welcome the Year of the Ox with family, friends or colleagues with our elegant Chinese New Year set menu. The feast includes specialties like suckling pig, braised pork knuckle with eggs, crispy tofu, deep-fried beef brisket with curry sauce, FCC crispy fried chicken, and much more. Available from 12 to 26 February. Dine-in only. Reservations required. 

Loh Hei: Toss Up Good Fortune

Loh Hei

Another traditional Lunar New Year food is loh hei, or lo hei, which loosely translates to “tossing up good fortune”. This colourful salad comes packed with auspicious ingredients, such as raw salmon, julienned fruits and vegetables, pickled ginger – each with a special meaning. Toss all the ingredients together to symbolise prosperity and good fortune in the new year. Available from 12 to 26 February. Takeaway only.


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