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Take a look at the FCC’s new bar snacks

Chef George has once again outdone himself with the creation of delicious new bar snacks now available in the Main Bar, Bert’s and the Bunker.

Bar snacks are an essential part of any good drinking establishment but the FCC has taken it to another level. After a hard day’s work, a bowl of crisps or peanuts doesn’t always hit the spot.  Sometimes, you just want a little more, whether it’s a protein-packed chunk of tuna, a creamy taramasalata dip with freshly baked pita bread or the ever-popular Welsh rarebit.

The new snacks will be available from May 8 and offer a tasty selection of bites to share with friends or to simply take the edge off your appetite until moving upstairs for dinner.

Crispy Chicken Drum stuffed with Gorgonzola. Photo:

Post Date: May 29, 2017

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