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The committees, the conveners and you

FCC_newBoard_RCWith every new FCC Board the conveners of committees often change and renews members’ opportunities for getting involved. If you have some ideas for speakers or other professional events, or are interested in the FCC’s charity events, or F&B, or finance, or the Wall, or press freedom issues; or The Correspondent… then maybe its time for you to join one of the committees or get in touch with the conveners and present your ideas.


Professional Committee co-ordinates speakers for Club lunches and dinners, journalist-focused activities are organised, including press conferences.

Keith Bradsher, Nan-hie In and Eric Wishart

Finance Committee supervises Club accounts and investments as well as members’ accounts. It sets overall financial policy and provides fundraising advice.

Co-conveners: Timothy S. Huxley (Treasurer) and Nigel Sharman

Constitutional Committee deals with issues relating to the Club’s M&As and rules.

Kevin Egan, Nicholas Gentle and Clifford Buddle

Membership Committee oversees membership applications, change of membership status, recommends honorary memberships and also puts together membership drives, particularly for local journalists.

Co-conveners: Nan-Hie In, Florence De Changy and Simon Pritchard

House/F&B Committee basically looks after the fabric of the Club and looks after all food and beverage issues (prices, menus, special food and wine nights, etc.)

House Co-conveners: Nicholas Gentle, Simon Pritchard and Carsten Schael

F&B Co-conveners: James Gould, Juliana Liu and Eric Wishart

Press Freedom Committee monitors press freedom issues and issues statements (via the Board). It is also the co-organiser of the annual Human Rights Press Awards.

Co-conveners: Cliff Buddle, Florence De Changy and Juliana Liu

Communications Committee supervises the bi-monthly production of The Correspondent, the FCC website, other publications and oversees the archives.

Paul Mozur, Nigel Sharman, Kate Whitehead and Carsten Schael (Archives)

Wall Committee selects and coordinates photo exhibitions that go On the Wall.

Co-conveners: Carsten Schael and Kate Whitehead

Charity Committee coordinates the FCC’s charitable activities and its community involvement programme.

Co-conveners: Tim Huxley, Tara Joseph and Elaine Pickering

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