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The flavours of Spain and Germany – check out our tasty summer food promotions

Monthly food promotions are part of the FCC dining experience with Chef George coming up with ever more creative dishes to tempt members and their guests. Occasionally there is a guest chef and more often than not there is a complementary wine or beer promotion to fully appreciate the chosen cuisine.

Whether it is Indian, German, Portuguese, Argentinean or French you can be sure a lot of thought and planning has gone into the menu. This September Chef George is planning some light and tasty bites with Spanish tapas. Tapas are perfect for the hot summer months and will go perfectly with a bottle of chilled white wine or cava. October will see a selection of hearty Oktoberfest fare to be washed down with your choice of premium German beers.

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Spanish Tapas Platter: This platter of classic tapas includes marinated anchovies, manchego cheese a selection of cold cuts and delicious prawns. Photo:

Post Date: August 4, 2017

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