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Want to join the FCC Board? Here’s how to nominate yourself or someone else

It’s that time of the year again for the annual Board election for the year 2017-2018.

If you have some ideas that you want the Board to run with or maybe you would like to give your time and effort to the future of the Club, then you are encouraged to stand for the Board.

The nomination process is pretty straightforward: from March 10 you can fill in a nomination form for the category of membership for which you are qualified. Nominations close on Wednesday April 5 at the Nomination Meeting. At this meeting, it is also possible to nominate yourself from the floor.

Ballot papers and candidates’ bios will be sent out to members by April 12. The ballot will close on Wednesday May 24 at 3pm sharp. This will be followed by vote counting.

The long voting period was originally put in place to allow members who travel or are on holidays to have the opportunity to vote.

At the end of the AGM on Friday May 25 the new Board will be formally declared. The current Board will then perform a small handover ritual. Usually following the AGM the new Board will meet in session for the first time.

Then it’s free drinks at the bar for members.

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