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Club Online Zoom Event – Asian Hate in America: A Conversation With Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, Jiayang Fan and Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Date: 24 Mar 2021 08:00 PM — 09:00 PM | Venue:

Asian Hate in America: A Conversation With Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, Jiayang Fan and Michelle Ye Hee Lee
Wednesday, March 24, 2021
8:00pm HKT on Zoom
Last week’s shootings in Atlanta, in which six women of Asian descent were killed, have put an international spotlight on the growing wave of anti-Asian violence in the United States. With a recent report finding that hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in major U.S. cities increased 150% in 2020, it’s clearer than ever that this community is under threat. And Asian American women are particularly vulnerable. According to new research from Stop AAPI Hate, 68% of the nearly 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents that took place last year targeted women. How did it come to this, and how will the situation change moving forward? In this FCC Zoom event, our panelists will discuss Asian American identity, media coverage of hate crimes and the public’s response to the killings in Atlanta. Moderated by FCC First Vice President Eric Wishart.
Panelists include:

Eileen Cheng-yin Chow is the director of the Cheng Shewo Institute of Chinese Journalism at Shih Hsin University in Taipei, and she co-directs the Biographical Literature Press and its longstanding Chinese-language history journal, Biographical Literature 傳記文學. She is also a visiting associate professor of Chinese and Japanese cultural studies and one of the founding directors of Story Lab at Duke University. Find her on Twitter: @chowleen.
Jiayang Fan is a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine. Fan was born in Chongqing and moved to the U.S. when she was eight years old. She is working on her first book, entitled Motherland, forthcoming in 2023.
Michelle Ye Hee Lee is a reporter on The Washington Post’s national team, covering the State Department and diplomacy. Previously, she covered money and influence in politics on the national political enterprise and accountability team and was a reporter for The Post’s Fact Checker. Prior to joining The Post in 2014, she was a government accountability reporter at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. She is the president of the Asian American Journalists Association, a non-profit founded in 1981 that serves more than 1,700 journalists across the U.S. and in Asia.


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