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FCC AGM on May 30

FCC AGM on May 30
Dear Members,
We’d like to remind everyone of Monday’s Annual General Meeting which will start promptly at 6pm in the Main Dining Room. We are aware there is additional interest this year so to help facilitate a smoothly-run meeting, here are some answers to questions members have asked recently:
How many people can attend?
Our capacity is 150.
Why can’t we get a bigger venue?
The location must be included in the official AGM notice, per our Articles of Association, and cannot be changed without restarting the AGM-holding process. Our Articles also compel the Club to hold an AGM between 15-31 May each year, so we can’t restart the process either.
Can motions be put forward at the AGM that were not included in the AGM notice?
No. However, under Any Other Business (AOB), members can bring up any issue for discussion. If there is a request for a vote, the Chair can allow a vote to get a sense of the membership’s views, but the result of any vote is not binding on the board because the issues were not included in the AGM notice. This is common corporate AGM practice around the world to allow members to be notified in advance of issues to be discussed.
Who can vote at AGMs?
All voting Members – that is, Correspondent, Journalist and Associate Members. Please note the capacity constraints on attendance.
What if I can’t attend but want to vote?
You can arrange a proxy – that is, nominate a Member attending to vote for you – by filling in a form and getting the original to Reception by Saturday, May 28 at 6pm. We are still looking into whether we can accept electronic versions and hope to have an answer later today. Please contact the concierge at 2521 1511 or email [email protected] with your email details if you’d like to be informed once we’ve clarified that.
What if Members want to compel the Board to do something not already on the AGM agenda?
Members can call for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held at a later date. The rules around holding EGMs can be found in our Articles of Association.
Can we stream the meeting to expand capacity?
No. It’s not possible to do that at this point, not least since votes in the meeting have to be checked by our auditors. This is a legal requirement and we’re currently not set up to do this remotely.
What if I have other questions?
Please contact the concierge at 2521 1511 or email me at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer before the meeting.
Keith Richburg
27 May 2022

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