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Heated debate over proposed Hong Kong extradition agreement with China

A proposed controversial extradition agreement between Hong Kong and China was the topic of lively debate when prominent lawyers with opposing views on the move discussed it at the FCC.

Dennis Kwok. Photo: Sarah Graham/FCC
Dennis Kwok. Photo: Sarah Graham/FCC

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Days after an estimated 150,000 marched through Hong Kong in protest at the proposal, Ronny Tong, a non-official member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, joined Legislative Council member Dennis Kwok to discuss whether the move was a knee-jerk reaction to the recent case of a Hong Kong citizen suspected of committing murder in Taiwan or a way in which China can legally abduct people from the city. Both men are co-founders of the Civic Party.

Ronny Tong. Photo: Sarah Graham/FCC
Ronny Tong. Photo: Sarah Graham/FCC

Tong argued that the amendment would respect the human rights of those taken to the mainland under the agreement, and that extradition decisions would be taken having been considered by Hong Kong’s respected judiciary. He added that political crimes would be exempt from the agreement. Kwok, however, said he feared that once Article 23 was enacted, such crimes would fall under the agreement.

Watch the full May 2 debate here.

Post Date: May 2, 2019

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