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Invitation for Tender: Membership Coordination Services

Invitation for Tender


The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong is looking for a suitable individual or company to carry out the following project:


Membership Coordination Services


Contract period: 1 November 2016 – 31 October 2017


Deadline for tender: Monday, 31 October 2016



To help with administration and analysis of the FCC’s membership.



The Club’s membership is drawn from a broad cross section of walks of life and includes many of Hong Kong’s best known and most interesting people. Members range from the reporters, photographers and radio and television teams who record and present the news to those who make it – starting with local government leaders and including many leading figures in the worlds of business and diplomacy.

The FCC is open to all, but there are five categories of membership. They are:

Correspondent: Bona fide members of the foreign media based in Hong Kong, the bulk of whose work is published outside Hong Kong.

Journalist: Bona fide journalists based in Hong Kong who make more than 50% of their income from their locally-based journalistic activities.

Associate: For those who are not employed in journalism or in the media yet who wish to take advantage of the FCC’s professional and social activities – this includes all professionals, authors and business people.

Corporate: These are transferable memberships with certain restrictions.

Diplomatic: Approved bona fide full-time members of the Hong Kong diplomatic corps.



  • The contractor reports directly to the Membership Committee, and will liaise logistic through the Club management. Hence, contractor’s services are peripheral to the Club’s operation and are not integrated into it;
  • Hiring helpers to fulfill the job requirement is entirely up to the contractor’s decision at its own costs, however it is expected to include the plan in the tender;
  • Payment will be released per hours contributed each month upon submission of invoice with timesheet;
  • FCCHK holds all copyrights to all materials, and retains final approval for all content before release. FCCHK also reserves all rights to add, edit and remove any content before and after release.



  • Experience in working with journalistic organizations and media;
  • Provide its own tools and equipment to carry out the project.


Project Description

The Contractor is required to:

  • Attend each Membership Committee and any associated meetings organized by the Membership Committee;
  • Prepare monthly report and present it at the Membership Committee;
  • Revert requirement or comments of the Membership Committee on each membership application to the applicant in a timely manner, and then report to the Membership Committee;
  • Plan, prepare and execute any marketing scheme decided upon by the Membership Committee;
  • Respond to instructions and requests from the Membership Committee Convenors;
  • Respond to instructions and requests from the Membership Committee as a whole;
  • Research potential members to ascertain their suitability for the category of membership applied for
  • Deal with potential members who do not meet the requirements of the category of membership applied for, before or after a Membership Committee Meeting
  • Prepare reports on accelerated/diversity applicants for BOG meeting
  • Respond to telephone and email enquiries from potential members who have queries, particularly about completing the application form
  • Respond to telephone and email enquiries on which category a potential member should apply for (in particular the difference between Journalist and Correspondent memberships)
  • Assist find relevant signatories for an application as and when deemed necessary
  • Preparing copy for the Membership Column bi-monthly for the FCC magazine The Correspondent
  • Acknowledge that FCC holds all copyrights to all materials, and retains final approval for all content before release. FCC also reserves all rights to add, edit and remove any content before and after release;
  • Prepare a summary report of the project by 21 October 2017 to the Committee through the Club management. In the report it should include but not limited to all working files and access codes to any multimedia platforms. Release of the final payment is subject to a satisfactory submission.


Interested parties please submit your tender & a copy of your business registration before the deadline to:

North Block
2 Lower Albert Road
Central HK


Please quote reference code “MMC2016” and indicate “Tender for Membership Coordination Services 2016/2017” on your tender submission.


Any questions should be directed to the undersigned or our Administration Ms Joanne Chung at (tel) 2844 2830 or (email) [email protected].


Gilbert Cheng
General Manager
Tel: 2844 2844 / Email: [email protected]

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