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Journalists Visiting Hong Kong Welcome at FCC

Dear Correspondent or Journalist member,

The continuing protests in Hong Kong are causing media organizations to send additional journalists based overseas to cover the story. If you have friends or colleagues in this situation, please let them know that they are welcome to use the FCC facilities during their time in Hong Kong as a place to work from, or for some simple R&R with fellow journalists.

The FCC allows journalists temporarily working in Hong Kong to access its facilities at no charge so long as they provide the following information:

– Passport

– Proof of a home address outside of Hong Kong

– A travel ticket showing their arrival and planned departure from Hong Kong

– Proof of journalistic credentials, such as a press card or a letter from their employer


Journalists can contact the front office in person or get in touch on [email protected] or tel 2521 1511. They will be issued a stored value card for food and beverage purchases that can be loaded up using cash or a credit card.

(Application form for download)


From Membership Committee


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