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Request for bids for: Editor The Correspondent (Tender closed)

This is a unique position that involves editing The Correspondent – our club magazine, which is currently published every second month.

Contract period: One year from contract signing.
Contract termination: Two months notice or otherwise as agreed between both parties.
Deadline for bid: Friday 5 August 2016
Please note: It is expected that the contract will start 1 September 2016

1. Editorial:

The Correspondent Editor will be responsible for The Correspondent, the print magazine of the FCC, one of the world’s leading and most prestigious press clubs.

Editor, The Correspondent is responsible for:

  • producing new content for The Correspondent and writing it in an interesting and appealing manner;
  • creating schedules and agreeing deadlines;
  • planning, generating, commissioning, coordinating freelance writers and editing articles for The Correspondent;
  • sourcing images and artwork, and commissioning photographers;
  • liaising with clients or internal departments; and
  • liaising with the Digital, Online and Social Media Editor to source the best of the online content for inclusion in The Correspondent.


All of the above will be done in consultation with the Communications Committee, which retains all control over the editorial content, and within the editorial budget as outlined by the Committee.

Editor, The Correspondent will lead an editorial team with additional support from FCC administration. You will work closely with a range of individuals, from web designers/developers and project/account managers to photographers and marketing professionals. It is essential that you understand FCC’s target audience and requirements.

It is important to be interested in:

  • Producing high-quality print media reflecting the values and traditions of the FCC; and
  • The place of The Correspondent as part of the FCC’s total communications offering.


2. Advertising

Advertising sales is not required. Production of advertisements and in-house advertisements is to be dealt with by production house.

3. Design and layout, production

The production house is responsible for all aspects of production to meet agreed deadlines.

4. Printing

The production house is responsible for all aspects of printing. Payment to be dealt with directly by invoice from the printer to the club.

The Correspondent bi-monthly magazine specifications (subject to revision)

Size: 210mm x 285mm, 40 pages including cover
Stock: Cover: 4pp, 128gsm Matt art paper
Colour: 4C + 4C
Binding: Two saddle stitched.
Delivery: Local delivery
Quantity: 2,300 pieces

5. Mailing

The production house is responsible for coordinating mailing: printing plastic envelopes, stuffing envelopes and bundling, collecting labels, delivery to GPO and FCC.

6. Confirmation that any and all additional costs must have prior approval from the FCC through the Communications Committee.

7. Confirmation that the FCC through the Communications Committee retains final approval for all content for publication.

8. Confirmation that the successful applicant’s services are peripheral to the Club’s operation and are not integrated into it.

9. Confirmation that the FCC holds all copyright.

10. Hiring helpers to fulfill the job requirement is entirely up to the successful applicant’s decision at his/her own costs.

11. Payment will be released upon submission of invoice by original copy.

Any questions should be addressed to the Communications Committee or the General Manager Gilbert Cheng.

Please acknowledge receipt of this invitation to the FCC and confirm that you will be bidding. Interested parties will be required to submit a copy of your business registration together with your bid before the deadline.

The bid shall be submitted to:
North Block
2 Lower Albert Road
Central HK

or email [email protected] stating the position applied for in the subject line.

The Communications Committee

June 22, 2016

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