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August 2017




These By-Laws are made by the Board in exercise of the power conferred upon it by Articles 99, 100, 101, 102, 103 and 104 of Articles of Association of The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong – for details see Appendix I.

In these By-Laws, the word Member, in singular or plural, includes all classes of members entitled to use the Club. The word Staff and the words Club Staff shall be deemed to include all employees, staff and servants employed (whether full-time or part-time) by the Club.

Copies of clearly defined rules pertaining to specific Club facilities are contained in these By-Laws, and where necessary, posted at the venue; rules pertaining to specific Club activities and events are available at Reception on demand.

VenueMonday – SaturdaySundaysPublic Holidays
Administration OfficeMon–Fri: 09:00–17:00
Sat: 09:00–12:30
ReceptionMon–Fri: 09:00–21:00
Sat: 09:00 – 12:30
Accounts OfficeMon–Fri: 09:00–17:00
Sat: 09:00–12:30
Health Club07:00–22:0010:00–19:0010:00–19:00
Bert’sMon/Tue/Wed/Sat: 12:00–24:00
Thu/Fri: 12:00–01:00
Main BarMon–Wed: 10:00–24:00
Thu–Sat: 10:00–02:00
10:00–24:00Sun–Wed: 10:00–24:00
Thu–Sat: 10:00–02:00
LoungeMon–Wed: 07:30–24:00
Thu–Sat: 07:30–01:00
10:00–24:00Sun–Wed: 10:00–24:00
Thu–Sat: 10:00–02:00
Dining Room, Verandah
& Chinese Restaurant
Luncheon: 12:00–14:30
Dinner: 18:30–24:00
(Dining Room)
Function Roomsas booked as bookedas booked

* Opening hours are subject to change or alteration as circumstances dictate.

a.Entry to the Club premises shall be restricted to Members, their spouses and dependants, Absent Members, Visiting Journalists, Temporary Members, Reciprocal Club Members, and Guests.
b.Such parts of the Club premises as are provided for Club Staff, including kitchens, offices and storerooms shall be out of bounds to all but Club Staff and Members of the Board without the prior permission of the General Manager.

a.Membership Cards should be carried at all times when using the premises as this is necessary for the use of the Club’s computerized billing system.
b.From time to time door checks will be made in order to ensure the exclusivity of the Club. Membership cards are needed as proof that the holder is entitled to enter the Club.

a.Price and Standard of Food: The Board and the House Committee determines the price and standard of food provided to members.
b.Consumption of Food & Beverage/Corkage: Meals and beverages shall be consumed only in the designated areas where such services are provided. No one may bring in food for consumption on the premises. Corkage will be charged on wines and spirits brought in for consumption on the premises.

While the Club welcomes table bookings, Members should observe the following:

Lounge: Bookings for a table after 1300 hours regrettably cannot be accepted. Tables will be held for ten minutes after booking time. Apart from table bookings prior to 1300 hours, seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables shall be assigned at the discretion of staff. Eight persons is the maximum number of people permitted at a table.

Note: Members sitting at tables during the morning should be aware that the table they are sitting at could be booked by another member for lunch and are requested to vacate the table should they be asked to do so, no later than 11:30, to allow staff to prepare the table. The Club Tables are specifically available to Members without Guests to sit at, booking a seat at Club Tables is unnecessary.

b.Bert’s: Bookings for a table after 1300 hours regrettably cannot be accepted. For special artist performances bookings for a table for dinner no later than 1900 hours can be accepted. Tables will be held for ten minutes after booking time. Apart from bookings, seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables shall be assigned at the discretion of staff. Eight persons is the maximum number of people permitted at a table.
c.Chinese Restaurant: Bookings for lunch or dinner are advised (bookings for a table after 1300 hours for lunch regrettably cannot be accepted). Tables will be held for ten minutes after booking time. Ten persons is the maximum number of people permitted at a dinner table. Tables shall be assigned at the discretion of staff.
d.Dining Room & Verandah: Bookings for lunch or dinner are advised (bookings for a table after 1300 hours for lunch regrettably cannot be accepted). Tables will be held for ten minutes after booking time. Twelve persons is the maximum number of people permitted at a dinner table. Tables shall be assigned at the discretion of the staff.
e.Please Note: Only one table at a time can be reserved on a single membership account. A principal cardholder, and his or her sub-cardholder, is considered to be a single account.
f.For Larger Bookings: Members are strongly encouraged to book a function room in advance. The General Manager may exercise his discretion regarding size and capacity permitted.

a.A Member may apply to the General Manager for permission to hold a private function in permitted parts of the Club premises.
b.A fee of such sum as the General Manager/House Committee/Board may from time to time determine, will be charged for any approved private function. The General Manager may grant or refuse any such application.
c.While members may invite guests to an approved private function, the Club premises are not intended for public commercial events. Should a breach of this By-Law occur, in particular the advertising of an event in the public media, the General Manager, without any liability or compensation to the host, may withdraw permission for the private function or suspend service to the private function if it is in progress.

Whilst not wishing to interfere with members’ enjoyment and relaxation, and bearing in mind the vagaries of fashion, it is difficult to be specific, so the Club relies on the good sense and discretion of members to dress appropriately given the venue or event, day of the week and time of day. A few guidelines:
a.Dining Room & Verandah: Members are requested to dress at least to a standard perhaps best described as smart casual. A shirt with a collar is expected; wearing shorts and beach shoes is not considered acceptable.
b.Chinese Restaurant: Members are requested to dress at least to a standard perhaps best described as casual-to-smart, but wearing shorts and beach footwear is considered unacceptable.
c.Bert’s: Members are requested to dress at least to a standard perhaps best described as casual-to-smart Monday to Friday (wearing shorts and beach footwear is unacceptable), and casual on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.
d.Main Bar/Lounge: Casual, which means wearing shorts, a T-shirt or beach footwear is allowed.
e.All Venues: Wearing a singlet is considered unacceptable in any of the above locations.

a.Owing to its limited size, use of the Health Club is for members only. Active Members may use the facilities free of charge. Visiting Journalists, Temporary Members, and Reciprocal Club Members are charged HK$100.00 per visit.
b.Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the Health Club.
c.Nudity is not permitted except within the shower units and the changing rooms.
d.All persons using any area or part of the Health Club or any equipment or facility therein do so entirely at their own risk.
e.Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (or so appearing) are not permitted to use the Health Club.
f.In the interests of safety, hygiene and propriety, all persons using the gymnasium must wear proper sports footwear together with appropriate upper and lower body clothing.
g.Toilet facilities inside the Health Club are for users of the Health Club only.
h.Personal choice of music or background sound may only be effected with the consent of other users.
i.As a service for those using the Health Club, lockers are available for hire to members wishing to leave small items. A number of day lockers for the use of all members using the Health Club are also provided, subject to availability.
j.No illegal or dangerous article may be placed inside the lockers.
k.Deposited or discarded articles found within the Health Club area will be treated as lost property (see 30).
l.No personal fitness equipment or personal coach is allowed in the Health Club.
m.No food or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Health Club.
n.There are risks and dangers inherent in physical exercise and Members undertake such activities at their own risk. The FCC is not liable for any injuries that may occur.
o.For environmental reasons, should you wish to use the steam room or sauna, please notify the Health Club Staff one hour prior to use.

a.In order to prevent ‘hogging’ of the table, a ‘play off’ system operates. Members wishing to play should place their names on the blackboard to enter the rota.
b.As a service for Members using the Pool Table, equipment storage lockers are available for rental.

a.The Workroom is open to Members, Absent Members, Visiting Journalists, Temporary Members and Reciprocal Club Members only.
b.Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the Workroom.
c.Food and drink are not permitted in the Workroom.
d.The Workroom is, by its nature, intended to be a working area of the Club. Members using the Workroom should treat others working alongside them with the same respect as they would colleagues in any office environment.
e.Members are asked to read or use the books, periodicals, magazines and newspapers in the Workroom or elsewhere in the Club only. All publications should be returned to the original location after perusal.

a.Young persons aged 12 to 18 years are permitted in the Lounge, Dining Room and Chinese Restaurant, or at private parties in other parts of the Club.
b.Young persons under the age of 12 years are permitted in the Lounge, Dining Room and Chinese Restaurant on weekdays up to 1900 hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, or at private parties in other parts of the Club.
c.Babies and infants (under the age of two years) are permitted in the building only on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
d.Parents, Guardians and/or Hosts are held responsible for the behaviour of young persons, babies and infants in their company.
e.Parents, Guardians and/or Hosts of private parties involving young persons, babies and infants will be held responsible for the behaviour of the children, who are restricted to the party area.

a.The number of guests introduced into Bar/Restaurant areas should be no more than may be considered reasonable and shall be subject to the final ruling of the General Manager in any individual case. For specific rules on booking tables see By-law 8. For the avoidance of doubt, Walk-ins are governed by the same table numbers as Table Bookings.
b.Guests are not allowed into the Health Club or the Workroom without the permission of the General Manager.
c.Members bringing guests into the Club shall be responsible for all actions of their guests and must remain on the premises so long as their guests continue to be in the Club.
d.Members cannot bring into the Club, as a guest, a person whose election or re-election as a Member has previously been refused, or, who having been a Member, has been expelled or required to resign or whose name has been removed from the list of Members.

FCC members may use the facilities of such Reciprocal Clubs, making due payment by such methods as these individual Clubs may require. The list of Reciprocal Clubs can be found at It is recommended that Members wishing to visit a Reciprocal Club obtain an Introducer Card from the FCC Office prior to their departure.

a.An Absent Member is a former Active Member of the Club who is currently residing outside of Hong Kong and applied for and was granted Absent Membership status by the Board of Governors.
b.When visiting Hong Kong, an Absent Member is allowed to use the Club’s facilities without paying the monthly subscription for a maximum period of two weeks, not more than three times per year (that is up to six weeks per calendar year). An Absent member who wants to use the club for a longer period than is permitted by these rules must reactivate his/her membership and will be charged the monthly fee immediately.
c.An Absent Member wishing to use the Club during a visit to Hong Kong shall, where ever possible, give written notice to the Club at least three open days prior to their visit, specifying the duration of stay and their current billing address. Failure to do this may result in a delayed reactivation of their usage rights during this period.
d.On their first temporary visit to the Club and before commencing to use the Club, an Absent Member should go to Reception to either provide a credit card imprint deposit (Visa or Master Card only) or purchase a fixed or stored value card. Therefore Absent members must make sure their first visit takes place when the club reception is open.
e.When using a credit card imprint deposit an Absent Member should ensure that their bill is settled on their last visit to the Club prior to leaving Hong Kong.
f.An Absent Member returning to live in Hong Kong should resume Active Membership immediately and shall be liable for the usual monthly subscription, including the month when the Absent Member returns. As soon as full membership is reactivated, the absent status is cancelled.
g.Every time an Active Member is granted Absent Member status, a fee of $2000 will be levied.
h.An Absent Member shall notify the Club of any changes in personal particulars including change of address. Failure to update the Club of these changes may result in the loss of Absent Membership without notification
i.Any action taken by the Board of Governors in relation to Absent Memberships is wholly at its discretion and final.

a.Visiting Journalists: Bona fide journalists visiting Hong Kong may become a Temporary Member during their stay in Hong Kong on production of a valid press or business card, for a period not exceeding two weeks and renewable not more than three times during any one visit, ie up to a maximum of no more than six weeks per calendar year.

Temporary Members: Visitors to Hong Kong may become a Temporary Member of the Club for a period not exceeding two weeks and renewable not more than three times during any one visit, ie up to a maximum of no more than six weeks per calendar year (see Article 22 – Appendix II).

A Temporary Member must be a visitor to Hong Kong and be introduced by a Member. A Member may introduce a maximum of three visitors per calendar year. An application form is available at Reception for the Member and visitors to complete. Once completed the form should be submitted together with a photocopy of the identity details in the visitor’s passport, a passport-sized photograph and proof of residential address. A Temporary Member is entitled to bring one guest only into the Club.

c.Reciprocal Club Members: The Club maintains a list of Reciprocal Clubs. A member introduced by a Reciprocal Club shall be granted visitor status and be entitled to use the Club without being required to pay a subscription. Individuals must produce their reciprocal club membership card and provide a document to identify themselves as an active member of the reciprocal club to be granted visitor status, for a period not exceeding two weeks and renewable not more than three times during any one visit, ie up to a maximum of no more than six weeks per calendar year.
d.Visitors’ Payment: Payment to use FCC facilities can be made by purchasing a storevalue card or by use of Visa, Master or American Express cards for bill amounts equal to or over HK$1,200. A 10 per cent Administrative Charge per purchase is made.
e.Visitors’ Conduct: All visitors must observe the rules and By-Laws of the Club and sign the Visitors’ Book.
f.Note: The Club reserves the right to deny or revoke a visitor’s privileges on such grounds as it sees fit.

A bill will be sent to you at the beginning of each month either by post to your home or office address, or to your designated email address. Please note that a GPO box can only be used in conjunction with the Club having an up-to-date home or office address in its database.
a.Active Members shall authorize billing charges for their accounts by signing chits with their recognized signature.
b.Active Members settle their monthly bills by direct debit. Members may, before the eighth (8th) of each month when the Club submits the direct debit instruction to the bank, settle by cheque or credit card (limited to Visa, Master, or American Express cards).
c.Post-dated cheques are not accepted.
d.Absent Members may pay on account by signing chits with their recognized signature, provided they have deposited a credit card imprint (only Visa or Master Card accepted) in the amount of HK$4,000 at Reception. The monthly subscription may be applied, subject to the discretion of the General Manager.
e.All Absent Members, Visiting Journalists, Reciprocal Club Members or Temporary Members must settle their account in full prior to their departure.

a.Articles 55 to 62 deal in detail with the subject of payment of accounts. Members should note that in the event of rejection of direct debit instruction or non-payment by other means within the prescribed time, offenders will be posted and a $300 administration fee added to their account, the total of which becomes immediately due on posting. Members’ bills are due for payment prior to the end of the month in which they are presented.
b.Article 56 of the Articles of Association reads: If an account is not paid by the 15th day of the month following the month in which such an account was sent to him, the Member’s name shall be prominently posted and he shall be denied use of the facilities of the Club, either in his own right or as a guest of another member; exception to this rule may be made for Members who are to be temporarily absent from Hong Kong when the account is rendered, and who shall have made satisfactory arrangements with the Treasurer or Club Manager to cover this circumstance.
c.Should late payment be made by cheque, resumption of use of the facilities of the Club is subject to cheque clearance.
d.Furthermore, any Member who joined the Club prior to direct debit being a compulsory condition of membership and is posted on two successive occasions or on a total of three occasions within any twelve month period will be required to arrange Direct Debit Authorisation for settlement of future accounts.
e.In the event of direct debit rejection or non-payment of a Member’s account within seven days of the account becoming due, the credit facilities afforded to the Member will be revoked and the Member may only continue to use the facilities of the Club through the purchase of a stored value card. In the event of the Member’s account continuing to remain unpaid by the 15th day of the month following the month in which such account was sent to the Member, Article 56 of the Articles of Association shall apply.

a.No member shall commit a physical act of violence or verbally threaten violence to anyone on Club premises.
b.Members are required at all times to conduct themselves with decorum and to consider the comfort and quiet enjoyment of other users of the premises.
c.Members of the staff should be treated with respect at all times.
d.Members who bring guests into the Club with whom they will share expenses are reminded that the settling of such accounts should be done discreetly and preferably not on Club premises.

a.Calls made on mobile (cell) phones, smart-phones, other mobile devices, or via internet voice communication software, are not permitted within the premises, with the exception of the immediate vicinity of fixed telephone points, the Health Club and building lobbies (including staircase and landing). Calls must be made at a reasonable volume to avoid disturbance to other Club users.
b.Complaints in respect of infringement may be made in the usual way: Members should identify the offender and this should be witnessed by a staff member.

None of the above may be operated within the Club, unless in conjunction with headphones.

a.Professional still photography and/or audio visual recording on Club premises requires prior permission of the General Manager, to whom all enquiries should be directed.
b.Private photography or videography, other than at Club functions, must without exception involve the consent of the subject(s).

a.Notices or Advertising Material may not be posted by any member on any wall, board or surface within the Club.
b.Members wishing to have a Notice placed on the Club Notice Board or elsewhere should submit the notice to Reception for the attention of the General Manager.
c.Advertising space is available in the Club Magazine, The Correspondent, at attractive rates. The rates, which may change from time to time, are available on request from the magazine’s publisher.
d.The Wall Committee meets from time to time to decide upon the display of various Pictures or Photographs. Suggestions and/or comments should be directed to the Convener.
e.The Club will not circulate to Members any personal notice or flyer on behalf of any member(s).

a.Mail will be placed in the rack provided for collection. Items not collected after two months will be returned to the Post Office marked “unclaimed”.
b.The Club, whilst taking reasonable care to safeguard Members’ incoming mail, does not accept liability in the case of loss or damage.
c.No outgoing personal mail will be handled by the Club.

a.Members may not use the name or address of the Club as their residential, business or legal address.
b.Members may not use the Club address as a location for receipt of correspondence from the FCC itself.

The Club shall not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, any article left by a Member or their Guest in any part of the Club premises, whether caused by or arising from any negligence on the part of the Club or its Staff or Agents or otherwise.

a.The Club does not have adequate or proper storage facilities for luggage, safe-keeping of goods in transit or the retention of goods permanently or temporarily. No member of staff is empowered to accept any item for safe-keeping. However, for convenience only, as a gratis service to members, with no responsibility implied, attaching or accepted, small items may be left for a short while within the same day entirely at the depositor’s own risk.
b.Subject to the same and similar conditions, small items of luggage may be left for a short while within the same day, provided that there is sufficient space available.
c.All items not collected within the day of deposit may be disposed of without prior notice.

a.Any items of lost property found on the premises will be kept at Reception for a period of one month and details recorded in the Lost Property Record Book.
b.At the beginning of each month a lost property report is posted on the notice board, where it remains for one calendar month.
c.After this time any unclaimed item/s will be dealt with according to the laws of Hong Kong.
d.Perishable items such as food and drink or unmentionables, for example dirty socks, will be disposed of immediately.

a.No member may take away from the Club premises any newspaper, pamphlet, book or other article being the property of the Club.
b.Newspapers and periodicals should be returned to their proper place.

Any member who breaks, damages, loses or destroys any property of the Club or the fabric, fixtures and fittings of the premises shall, as soon as possible, replace such article at his / her own expense or shall be charged the cost of making good such breakage, damage, loss or destruction.

No employee shall be sent by any Member on any errand outside the premises.

No animal other than a guide dog may be brought onto the Club premises.

By law the Club is a non-smoking area at all times.

Members are reminded that by law gambling is illegal within the premises. In order to avoid misunderstanding, no money, chips or markers should be present upon game tables.

a.Members will be charged a nominal sum for an FCC blue recycle bag or an FCC plastic bag for takeaway orders.
b.Members using their own bag or food container will receive a discount on their takeaway order.

a.No member shall reprimand or punish any staff member in any way whatsoever for alleged misconduct or inefficiency or for any other matter.
b.If a member wishes to lodge a complaint against any member of the Club Staff, the member shall make his complaint in writing giving full details of the behaviour complained of, including the time and the date of the alleged incident, and the names of members witnessing such behaviour to the General Manager or Secretary.
c.In cases of emergency such complaint may be made verbally to any Board Member or to the General Manager.

a.Any Member wishing to lodge a complaint is invited to approach the General Manager in person or by letter.
b.A Suggestions/Comments Box is situated at the entrance to the Main Bar.
c.If any Member wishes to lodge a formal complaint, whether against a fellow member, a visitor or guest, such complaint shall be made in writing to any Board Member, the Secretary or to the General Manager.
NOTE: The first draft of the By-Laws was resolved by the Board of Governors on 20 July 2002. The By-Laws have been reprinted under Board resolutions at their meeting on Saturday 14 December 2013, with the following amendments made under Board resolutions:
i)Article 18: VisitorsTemporary & Reciprocal was amended by resolution of the Board of Governors Meeting on 19 March 2016
ii)Article 20: Non-Payment of Membership Account was incorporated by resolution of the Board of Governors Meeting on 16 April 2016
iii)Article 14a: Young Persons was amended by resolution of the Board of Governors Meeting
on 10 December 2016
iv)Article 4: Opening Hours was amended by resolution of the Board of Governors Meeting
on 22 July 2017

Appendix I

Articles 99 – 104 of Articles of Association

99.The Board may, subject to the terms of these Articles, alter, add to, or repeal the existing By- Laws of the Club and may from time to time, make, add to, or alter, and/or repeal By-Laws for the regulation of the Club, its officers, its employees, its use by Members, its privileges extended to visitors or guests of Members, or any other operation or use of the Club or its premises.
100.Any such alteration, addition or repeal of the existing By-Laws and any new By-Laws or any subsequent additions, alterations, or repeal thereof shall be posted on the Club Notice Board for one week and shall be entered in a book to be kept for the purpose, and such book shall be open to the inspection of all Members.
101.Any alteration, addition or repeal of any existing By-Laws or any new By-Laws, or any alteration, addition or repeal thereof, shall come into force at the expiration of seven days clear from the date of the same first being posted on the Club Notice Board, or upon such later date as the Board may decree.
102.Where not amended, altered, added to, or repealed, as provided by in these Articles, the By-Laws of the Club existing on the day when these Articles come into force shall remain the By-Laws of the Club until altered, added to or repealed by the Board.
103.These Articles and any and all Club By-Laws decreed by the Board in accordance with these Articles shall be binding upon every Member, and the Board shall take immediate cognizance and such action as determined necessary of any infraction of these Articles and By-Laws by any Member of the Club.
104.Any questions as to the interpretation of these Articles of Association and any questions as to the interpretation of any Club By-Laws shall be decided by the Board and such decisions shall be final.

Appendix II

Article 22 of Articles of Association

22.Visitors to Hong Kong may be accorded the privileges of the Club for a period not exceeding two weeks and renewable not more than three times during any one visit, provided the visitors are introduced by a Member and their names are registered in the Visitors’ Book. The Board shall have the power to grant and/or revoke the privileges of the Club to individual visitors or to classes or groups of visitors at its discretion and upon such terms as the Board may decide from time to time.


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