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How to Support Asia’s Press Clubs

We asked press clubs around the region what they need most. Here’s what they said: 

Melbourne Press Club

“We need to rebuild our corporate sponsorship revenue. What the network of sister clubs may be able to assist with are contacts into multi-national organisations that already understand the benefit of alignment with a press club.” – Cathy Bryson 

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Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club

“We would welcome expertise on promoting the club and help on training local journalists, since we have some scholarship funds. Given there are fewer foreign correspondents than there used to be, this type of collaboration should take on greater importance.” – Ed Davies 

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Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo spoke at FOCAP in January 2020. Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo spoke at FOCAP in January 2020. (Photo: FOCAP)

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan

“What we need more than anything is for more young people to join the club and bring a new perspective. It would also be interesting to try collaborating to stage online events with our sister clubs.” – Isabel Reynolds 

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Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand

“We finished our official campaign for donations after lockdown lifted, but we still welcome donations. Our FCCT Bulletin includes all of the details for bank account and credit card payments.” – Gwen Robinson 

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Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines

“It would be great to be able to collaborate with other FCCs on regional projects. Any way [FCC Hong Kong members] can help us with tips on how to get more funding would be awesome, too.” – Barnaby Lo 

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