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FCC House Committee

The FCC House Committee (House Committee) is made up of three Co-Conveners, who are members of the FCC board, members and the FCC staff. The Committee meets once a month and is tasked mostly with ‘back-of-house’ issues like service quality, staffing, building maintenance and some ‘front-of-house’ like entertainment (musical performances, the quiz, club celebrations) and members facilities (health club, workroom, pool table).

Current House Committee Convenor:

Simon PRITCHARD (Associate Member Governor)

Elaine PICKERING (Associate Member Governor)

Christopher SLAUGHTER (Associate Member Governor)

Anna HEALY FENTON (Correspondent Member Governor)

James POMFRET (Correspondent Member Governor)


Suggestions, comments and feedback are welcome and can be sent to the FCC office at (Contact person: Mr Gilbert Cheng).

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