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FCC statement expressing solidarity with journalists covering protests in United States

The FCC Hong Kong wishes to express its solidarity with journalists in the United States who are facing attacks from both protesters and police while covering the current demonstrations.

Several of the journalists who have been targeted work for news organisations represented at the club.

The FCC insists that journalists should be allowed to carry out their work without fear of harassment, violence or arrest, whether it is in the streets of Hong Kong, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles or elsewhere in the world.

This is yet another reminder of the dangers involved in covering street violence, with which media in Hong Kong have become all too familiar over the past year.

Essential advice for reporters is contained in the videos of the club’s series of safety briefings that were held during last year’s protests.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has also just issued these guidelines.

Post Date: June 1, 2020

Human Rights Press Awards


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