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Human Rights Press Awards winners announced

Human Rights Press Awards winners announced


The Human Rights Press Awards celebrated their 20th anniversary on Friday, May 6, with an awards ceremony and reception at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum on the Central Waterfront.


Winners were chosen from 274 entries. These included 139 Chinese-language works, 80 English-language works and 55 works of photojournalism. All submissions covered human rights issues in the Asia-Pacific, and were printed or broadcast in professional media outlets in 2015.


The HRPA was founded 20 years ago by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong, Amnesty International Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Journalists Association. These three organizations run the HRPA to this day. Winners are chosen by panels of volunteer judges who come from the fields of journalism, law, academia and activism.


The full winners list is below:



English News & Features Grand Prize


“Seafood from Slaves” – By Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Martha Mendoza and Esther Htusan – The Associated Press

海鮮背後的奴工– Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Martha Mendoza and Esther Htusan –美聯社


English News Merits


“Four Hong Kong Publishers Known for Books Critical of Chinese Regime Missing” – By Ilaria Maria Sala – The Guardian

四名中國政評書出版業者失蹤 – Ilaria Maria Sala – 衛報

“Something Hideous Happened in Elishku, Xinjiang” – By Benjamin Haas – Agence France-Presse

新疆艾里西湖鎮的暴力衝突 – Benjamin Haas – 法新社

“Asia’s Migrant Crisis” – By Preeti Jha, Nurdin Hasan and Shafiqul Alam – Agence France-Presse

亞洲移民危機 – Preeti Jha, Nurdin Hasan, Shafiqul Alam – 法新社

“Asia’s Migrant Crisis” – By Preeti Jha, Nurdin Hasan, Shafiqul Alam  and Thanaporn Promyamyai – Agence France-Presse


English Features Merits


“Ghost Children: In the Wake of China’s One-Child Policy, a Generation is Lost” – By Nathan VanderKlippe – The Globe and Mail

一孩政策下消失的一代:超生黑戶兒童–  Nathan VanderKlippe – 環球郵報

Series on “Crackdown on Chinese Rights Lawyers” – By Verna Yu – South China Morning Post

中國抓捕維權律師系列– 余詠恩– 南華早報

“Elderly Bused in for District Election Vote” – By Jeffie Lam – South China Morning Post

老人被運往區選票站– 林凱旻 – 南華早報

English Online Grand Prize


Series on “The Long Arm of China” – By David Lague, Paul Mooney, Benjamin Kang Lim, Sui-Lee Wee and Stephanie Nebehay – Reuters

《中國勢力擴張》系列– David Lague, Paul Mooney, Benjamin Kang Lim, Sui-Lee Wee and Stephanie Nebehay – 路透社


English Online Merits


“Sea Slaves: The Human Misery That Feeds Pets and Livestock” – By Ian Urbina – The New York Times

揭秘南海漁船海上奴工的悲慘生活– Ian Urbina – 紐約時報

“For Rohingya, Fear and Forced Marriages” – By Jonah M. Kessel – The New York Times

洛興雅人面臨的恐懼及逼婚 – Jonah M. Kessel – 紐約時報


English Commentary Merit


“Beijing Autumn” – By Ilaria Maria Sala – China File

重返天安門– Ilaria Maria Sala – 中參館



English Broadcast Grand Prize


“The Invisible Children of Sabah, Malaysia” – By Chan Tau Chou – Al Jazeera English

馬來西亞沙巴的隱形兒童– Chan Tau Chou – 半島電視台


English Television Merits


“Asia’s Meth Wars: Myanmar’s State-Backed Militias are Flooding Asia with Meth” – By Patrick Winn and Mark Oltmanns – GlobalPost

亞洲冰毒戰爭:緬甸政府支持的民兵在亞洲廣泛販毒– Patrick Winn and Mark Oltmanns – 環球郵報

“China’s Locked-Up Lawyers” – By Carrie Gracie – BBC World

中國被囚律師– Carrie Gracie – 英國廣播公司國際頻道


English Radio Merit


“Soccer Nuns: The Trials of Tibetan Women’s Football” – By Ivan Broadhead – BBC World Service

足球女僧:西藏女足球隊的考驗– Ivan Broadhead – 英國廣播公司國際頻道



Chinese News & Features Grand Prize


“The Fate of Chinese Rights NGOs” – By Zhao Sile – Initium

中國權利NGO生死劫(上中下)– 趙思樂 – 端傳媒






Chinese Features Merits


“Kou Yanding: 128 Days of Hell and 100 Kilometers of Salvation”– By Zhao Sile – Initium

寇延丁:128天的地獄,100公里的救贖 – 趙思樂 – 端傳媒

“Conflict Escalates over Christian Crosses in Zhejiang” – By Zhu Yongxiao – Yazhou Zhoukan / Asiaweek

《浙江基督徒大抗爭拆十字架風暴升級》;附文《專訪坐牢一年的黃益梓牧師》– 朱永瀟– 亞洲週刊

“Never Grow Old” – By Chen Yimin – Ming Pao Weekly

智障無礙– 陳伊敏– 明周


Chinese News Merits


“Vote Rigging in District Council Elections”– By Leung Yu Wo, Yuen Pak Yan, Alexander Lam Wai Chung and Lee Nga Man– Apple Daily

區選種票 – 梁御和、袁柏恩、林偉聰、李雅雯 – 蘋果日報

“A Brother Asks Society to Respect the Disabled” –  By Simpson Cheung Wai-Ming, Yammy Tsang Ying-Mui, Gemini Cheng Pui-Shan and Chin Wai-Ki – Ming Pao

智障男三稱「無推伯伯」 二哥淚下盼社會尊重殘障 – 張煒明、曾映妹、鄭佩珊、錢瑋琪 – 明報

“Elderly Stripped Naked on Rooftop, Waiting to Be Showered” – By Winky Liu Wing-Ki and Edward Choi Chuen-Wai – Ming Pao

長者遭脫光露天等沖涼 – 廖穎琪、蔡傳威 – 明報


Chinese Online Merits


“Investigation of the Shenzhen Landslide: Why Waste Was Dumped in an Ecological Zone”– By Yannan Jiang– Initium

深圳山泥傾瀉追蹤:事故元兇渣土山為何建在法定生態控制區內?– 江雁南– 端傳媒


Chinese Commentary Merit


“A Lifetime of Suffering for Chinese Women” – By Zeng Jinyan– Initium

中國女性終其一生承受的暴力– 曾金燕– 端傳媒



Chinese Broadcast Grand Prize


“The Myth of ‘One Person, One Vote’”– By Choy Yuk Ling – Radio Television Hong Kong

《鏗鏘集》一人一票的迷思 – 蔡玉玲 – 港台電視


Chinese Broadcast Special Prize


“The Refugee Crisis in Europe”– By Michelle Chan – Radio Television Hong Kong

《鏗鏘集》大逃亡– 陳穎忻– 港台電視


Chinese Television Merits  


“Infallible Church”– By Amy Wong Nga-Man – Radio Television Hong Kong

不倒的教會– 黃雅文– 香港電台電視部公共事務組

“Caring for the Intellectually Disabled” – By Grace Wong – Radio Television Hong Kong

《鏗鏘集》老障無依–  黃佩英 – 港台電視


Chinese Radio Merits


Myanmar Elections series – By Ivan Luk Yuk-Kwong and Wong Lui – Radio Television Hong Kong

緬甸大選系列– 陸宇光,王磊– 香港電台

Human Rights Lawyers – By Chan Miu-Ling – Radio Television Hong Kong

維權律師的苦困– 陳妙玲– 香港電台



Photography Grand Prize


“Dying to Breathe,” a series about Chinese gold miners – By Sim Chi Yin, Freelance Photographer for VII Photo Agency. The work appeared in National Geographic, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and The New York Times

一個塵肺病家庭的愛與絕望 –沈綺穎–自由攝影師 – 此作品獲刊於國家地理、普利策中心的危機報告,以及紐約時報


Feature Photography Special Prize


“Refugees Crossing the Aegean Sea for Survival” – By Nicole Tung – Initium

難民的彼岸:這一年,為生存穿越愛琴海 – Nicole Tung – 端傳媒


Spot News Photography Merits


“Disputed Land” – By Sam Tsang – South China Morning Post

地權爭議 – Sam Tsang – 南華早報

“The Lonely Life of the McSleepers” – By Dickson Lee – South China Morning Post

麥當勞內的無家者 – Dickson Lee – 南華早報

“The First Blood Shed in the Yuen Long Anti-smuggler Movement”– By Chan Yik-Chiu – Apple Daily


“Defendant” – By Ho Kwan-Kin – Sing Tao Daily

原告變被告 – 何君健 – 星島日報

“British Lesbian Faces Discrimination in Hong Kong” – By Yik Yeung-Man– Apple Daily

英女同志被歧視–易仰民 –蘋果日報


Feature Photography Merits


“Southeast Asia’s Migrant Crisis” – By Christophe Archambault– Agence France-Presse

南亞難民危機 – Christophe Archambault – 法新社

Myanmar Elections – By Ye Aung Thu– Agence France-Presse

緬甸大選–Ye Aung Thu–法新社

“Stage Performers With Down Syndrome” – By Fu Chun-Wai – East Week

戲裡戲外的「二一三」– 傅俊偉 – 東周刊

“We Shout ‘Erwiana!’” – By Ko Chung-Ming – Next Magazine

我們呼喊Erwiana! – 高仲明 – 壹週刊







Student Human Rights Press Awards

High School Journalism Prize


“Disenfranchised: Education for Non-Chinese-Speaking Children in Hong Kong” – By Xaviera Artaza of West Island School – Harbour Times

非華語學生教育權利被剝奪 – Xaviera Artaza –西島中學 – 港報


University English-Language Broadcast Prize


“Education for All” – By Ho Kar-Hei, Leung Ka-Yu, Tsui Kit-Sze, Xi Qiaosong and Wong Wing-Kwan of The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Varsity Magazine

普及教育– 何家曦,梁嘉瑜,徐潔思,黃穎筠,襲橋松– 中文大學– Varsity Magazine


University English-Language Writing Prize


“Transparently Unclear” – By Tsim Wing-Sze, Lin Yi-Ting and Kwan Cho-Ming of The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Varsity Magazine

政府透明度成疑 –詹詠詩, 連漪婷, 關祖明– 中文大學– Varsity Magazine


University English-Language Writing Merit


“Finding a Way Forward” – By Jayce Lai, Man Sze-Wai and Tsang Hoi-Kee of The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Varsity Magazine

雨傘運動後尋求前路 – 黎焯施,文思慧,曾海琪 – 中文大學– Varsity Magazine

“Sexual Harassment at Hong Kong’s Universities – Rarely Reported, but not Rare” – By Medhavi Arora of the University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong Free Press

本港大學性騷擾非罕見卻少有舉報– Medhavi Arora – 香港大學 – Hong Kong Free Press


University Chinese-Language Broadcast Prize


Body of Work: “The Rights of Domestic Workers” and “Power of the Police”– By Li Lok Man, Nicolle Liu Ka-Wun, Leung Yat-Nga, Winnie Tang Man-Yan and Yeh Ka-Lun of The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Pinpoint website

《警權》及《外傭權益》– 李樂敏,廖珈媛,梁逸雅,鄧雯欣,葉嘉麟 – 中文大學– 點子


University Chinese-Language Writing Prize


“Questionable Police Testimony and Prosecutions after Occupy” –By Lam Tsz-Ching and Gloria Chan Hoi-Ching of Hong Kong Baptist University– Sanpoyan

警口供連番被質疑  檢控不當損法治–林子晴 ,陳凱晴 – 浸會大學– 新報人


Youth Essay Contest

Review of “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” (2012) – By Melissa Leung On-Ki of the University of Hong Kong

梁安琦 -香港大學


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