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Invitation for specialists on House Committee

Dear Members


Invitation for specialists on House Committee


The FCC would like to reach out to members with strong experience working as project managers on building projects to join the House Committee as it prepares for a number of capital projects in the coming year. We are seeking individuals with professional experience who can devote time to scrutinizing contractors and assist in the preparation of tender documents. Projects include a refurbishment of the main dining room to take place next summer; a short list of interested designers has been identified and the committee is in the process of preparing a referral-for-proposal. In addition, the club plans a significant upgrade of its audio visual systems and would welcome input from members with professional experience in the field.


If you are interested to get involved, please contact Joanne Chung on [email protected] with a cover letter/CV outlining your relevant professional experience.


Simon Pritchard
House Committee convener & Club Secretary

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