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FCC Board of Governors 2023-2024 Election Results

Congratulations to the new FCC Board of Governors for 2023-2024. They will begin serving after the Annual General Meeting on May 29.
We would like to thank the outgoing Board members for their service.
The new Board members are listed below.
Jennifer JETT
Karly COX
Morgan DAVIS
Karen KOH
Kristie LU STOUT
LIU Kin-ming
Christopher SLAUGHTER
23 May 2023

FCC Election and Annual General Meeting Reminders

Dear FCC Members,
Please remember to vote in the upcoming election for the Board of Governors. Polling closes on Tuesday May 23 at 3 p.m. A ballot has been sent to the address you have listed. If your address has changed – if, for instance, you are working from home and your ballot is usually sent to your work address – please let the office know at [email protected].
Ballots can be returned to the FCC via mail, courier or in person. If you are having trouble returning your ballot please let the front office know.
There are competitive races in all governor categories, so your vote is important. You can review the Board of Governors’ ballot and policy statements on the FCC website.
It’s also important to return your proxy voting form if you will be unable to attend the club’s annual general meeting, to be held on Monday May 29 at 6 p.m. The proxy form allows you to designate the chair of the AGM to vote on your behalf or to designate a member attending the AGM to vote in your place.
Thank you and remember to vote and turn in your proxies by 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 27, 2023.
Click here to download the AGM Notice
Click here to download the Explanatory Note
Click here to download the Proxy Form
May 18, 2023

Temporary Suspension of FCC Website from Friday May 12 at 7pm

Welcome to our Acting General Manager Carmen


Welcome to our Acting General Manager Carmen
Dear Members,
I’m writing today to congratulate Carmen Chan on her new promotion to Acting General Manager!
Carmen has worked with The FCC for the past 5 years as our Club Operations Manager where she has demonstrated her dedication to the Club. Now, she will apply her skills further as our Acting General Manager after Didier’s departure at the end of May.
Carmen has many achievements over the course of her career with the Club, including organising special events, building stronger participation with diplomatic Consulates, and setting up processes and guideline for the Club and the staff.
In her new role, Carmen will continue to apply her expertise and dedication. I wish her the best as she begins her new chapter with The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong on 1 May 2023.
Please join me in wishing Carmen the best of luck and welcoming her into her new role.
21 April 2023

Nominees for the Election of the Board of Governors 2023-2024

Dear Members,

Here are the nominations for the FCC Board of Governors 2023-2024. Below are links to each nominee’s bio and policy statement. Please read them before voting.

  a. Please indicate your vote by putting a “✓” in the appropriate bracket. Any mark other than a “✓” shall invalidate this Ballot paper.  
  b. If vote(s) casted exceed(s) the number allowed in respective capacity, this Ballot paper shall be invalid.  
  c. Bio & policy statements of the candidates are available at the FCC website <>.  
  d. The completed Ballot paper must be received by the Club, either by mail or in the Ballot box, not later than 3pm on Tuesday, 23 May 2023.  


(The position of President can be voted by Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than one)
1. Lee WILLIAMSON – Tatler Asia

(The position of First Vice President can be voted by Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than one)

2. Jennifer JETT – Asia Digital Editor, NBC News

(The position of Second Vice President can be voted by Correspondent, Journalist or Associate members)
(Vote for not more than one)

3. Tim HUXLEY – Mandarin Shipping

(The position of Correspondent Governor can be voted by Correspondent members only)
(Vote for not more than eight)

4. Karly COX – Tatler Asia
5. Morgan DAVIS – IFR
6. Danai HOWARD – AFP
7. Karen KOH – Freelance broadcast journalist
8. Kari Soo LINDBERG – Bloomberg News
9. Kristie LU STOUT – CNN International
10. Peter PARKS – AFP

(The position of Journalist Governor can be voted by Correspondent or Journalist members)
(Vote for not more than two)

11. Aaron BUSCH – @tripperhead
12. Zela CHIN – TVB
13. Joe PAN – NFTMetta News
14. William ZHENG – The South China Morning Post

(The position of Associate Governor can be voted by Correspondent, Journalist or Associate members)
(Vote for not more than four)

15. Genavieve ALEXANDER – Genavieve Co. Ltd
16. LIU Kin-ming – KM & Associates
17. Lynne MULHOLLAND – The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels
18. Christopher SLAUGHTER – AIA Group

Farewell to our General Manager Didier


Farewell to our General Manager Didier
Dear Members,
By now you may have heard the news that our skilled and accomplished General Manager Didier Saugy will be leaving us to take up an exciting new position as Executive Director of the National Press Club in Washington D.C.
Over the last five years, Didier has helped steer the Club through probably the most challenging times in our recent history, including the last three years dominated by ever-changing government pandemic regulations, early closing hours, uncertainty over our building lease and the departure from Hong Kong of so many longtime members, friends and colleagues. Throughout it all, and with his calm and unflappable demeanour, Didier has kept the Club on an even keel.
Since I took over as President in January 2021, I’ve come to know Didier as a partner, confidante and friend. I want to extend to Didier my personal thanks and best wishes for his new adventure in my old stomping grounds, Washington D.C. Our loss is the National Press Club’s gain.
Didier will be with us through the end of May and our Annual General Meeting. The Board at the upcoming Saturday meeting will be naming a current member of Didier’s executive management team as interim club manager while a designated search committee conducts a search for a new general manager. The next Board to take office in May after the AGM will be responsible for confirming the new general manager. We want to ensure you there will be a seamless transition. You should not notice any disruption to Club activities.
In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to Didier in thanks for helping get the Club through these tough times. And let’s wish him and his family the best as he leaves behind the Lion Rock for the wonders of Rock Creek Park.

FCC Nomination for the Board of Governors 2023–2024

FCC Nomination for the Board of Governors
2023 – 2024
Dear Members,
The FCC Annual Nomination Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 12 April 2023 for the purpose of accepting oral nominations for the Board of Governors for the 2023 – 2024 Term.
Under the provisions of the Articles of Association, nominations may also be made in writing.
For those who wish to make a written nomination or nominations, please use the form(s) we are sending to you by mail or you can ask from the office. The written nominations should be delivered to the Club office, either in person or by registered letter, no later than 6pm on Wednesday, 12 April 2023.
Nominations are invited for the following positions:

A President who shall be a Correspondent Member. The nomination must be made and seconded by Correspondent Members.

A First Vice-President who shall be a Correspondent Member. The nomination must be made and seconded by Correspondent Members.

A Second Vice-President who may be a Journalist Member or an Associate Member. The nominations may be made and seconded by Correspondent Members, Journalist Members or Associate Members.

Eight (8) Correspondent Member Governors who shall be Correspondent Members. The nominations must be made and seconded by Correspondent Members.

Two (2) Journalist Member Governors who shall be Journalist Members. The nominations may be made and seconded by Correspondent Members or Journalist Members.

Four (4) Associate Member Governors who shall be Associate Members. The nominations may be made and seconded by any Voting Member.

A Member being nominated does not mean that he or she is elected a Club Officer. An election by mail ballot will be held subsequently and the mail ballot papers together with a list of candidates accepted will be sent to all Members of the Club one week after the Nomination Meeting.
A candidate for election to the Board of Governors can accept nomination for only one position on the Board of Governors.
By order of the Board of Governors,
Keith Richburg

Temporary Suspension of Club Service on Monday March 13 from 9am to 9:30am

Mask-wearing policy (finally) lifted!

Mask-wearing policy (finally) lifted!
Dear Members,
Liberation Day has arrived! Maskless March is here!
The Government has finally announced that masks will no longer be required, starting from today, 1 March. That means member and guests are no longer required to wear a face mask anywhere on Club premises. It’s been 959 long days since we’ve been wearing face masks. This welcome change could not have come soon enough.
You are all free to wear or not to wear your face mask in all areas of the Club. Our staff will no longer remind any member or guest about wearing the mask.
What a long journey it’s been but we have finally arrived on the other side.
I look forward to seeing your unmasked faces around the Club. Let’s have a drink and celebrate this return to normalcy, better late than never!
Keith Richburg
1 March 2023

A Friendly Reminder: Mask-wearing still applies!

A Friendly Reminder: Mask-wearing still applies!
Dear Members,
The Government has just extended the mask-wearing requirement for 14 more days, or until March 8. That means masks must still be worn inside the Club, except when members and guests are seated at the dining tables or at the bar. Masks must be worn when entering the Club, passing through the stairways to restaurants and visiting the restrooms. Please remember to respect this remaining Government pandemic regulation.
I look forward to seeing you around the Club.
Keith Richburg
24 February 2023

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