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How to Become a Member

The FCC is open to all and as an FCC member you will be welcomed as an integral part of one of the world’s finest social clubs. Members enjoy all the benefits and facilities found at its Lower Albert Road home and also receive the quarterly Club Magazine, “The Correspondent” as well as enjoying visiting membership rights to a host of reciprocal member clubs across the world.

The membership of the FCC is divided into several categories: (The following fees apply
for all applications that are approved after June 1, 2017).


  • Correspondent: Bona fide members of the foreign media based in Hong Kong, the bulk of whose work is published outside Hong Kong
    Joining fee: HK$3,000
    Monthly Subscription Fee:$1,100

  • Journalist: Bona fide journalists based in Hong Kong who make more than 50% of their income from their locally-based journalistic activities
    Joining fee: HK$3,000
    Monthly Subscription Fee:$1,100

  • Correspondent & Journalist Special Promotion on Monthly Subscription Fee:
    In recognition of the relative hardship faced by many journalists in Hong Kong, the club allows a certain number of applicants to enjoy reduced monthly fees on a graduating scale during their first three years of membership for more information click here
    Special Subscription Fees: 1st year: HK$250, 2nd year: HK$500, 3rd year: $750, 4th year onwards: $1,100

  • Associate: For those who are not employed in journalism or in the media yet who wish to take advantage of the FCC’s professional and social activities – this includes all professionals, authors and business people
    Joining fee: HK$35,000
    Monthly Subscription Fee: HK$1,100

  • Corporate: These are transferable memberships with certain restrictions. Please ask the Membership Department for further details
    Joining fees: 1st Nominee: $250,000, 2nd Nominee: $200,000, 3rd Nominee: $150,000, 4th Nominee and above (application accepted at the Board’s discretion): $150,000
    Transfer to new nominee: HK$5,000
    Monthly Subscription Fee: HK$1,100 (per nominee)

  • Diplomatic: Approved bona fide full-time members of the Hong Kong diplomatic corps
    Joining fees: 1st Nominee: $20,000, 2nd Nominee: $10,000, 3rd Nominee(s): $5,000
    Monthly Subscription Fee: HK$1,100 (per nominee)

Annual Payment of Monthly Subscription Fee:
If you make a one time annual payment of your monthly subscription in advance (presently $1,100 per month), the total payment of $12,800 rather than $13,200, representing a $400 discount.

For more details please download an application form here, or contact the Club’s Membership Department on (852) 2521 1511.


Visitors to Hong Kong who wish to use the club on the basis of being (i) absent members, (ii) visiting journalists, (iii) temporary members, or (iv) reciprocal club members are strongly encouraged to contact the club’s membership office before they visit Hong Kong. They may register at the club’s front office on their arrival, although processing may be delayed depending on the workload of the day.

(i) Absent Members* should visit for more information about absent member policies as stipulated in the Club’s By-laws.

(ii) (iii) or (iv) visiting journalists, temporary members and reciprocal club members, for more information about the registration process and the documents required, should visit the website’s FAQ’s “May overseas visitors use the FCC?” section at For more details about visiting member policies, as stipulated in the Club’s By-laws, please visit

For registration, please bear in mind that the Front Office is open on weekdays from 9am to 9pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12.30pm.

Contact the Club before you plan to visit at [email protected]; provide the Club at least three days advance notice of your arrival.

•    An Absent Member is a former Active Member now residing outside Hong Kong.
•    A fee of HK$2,000 will be charged each time an Active Member becomes an Absent Member.


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